BodySmart is a team of experts in targeted body shaping, helping you obtain the body you want without resorting to surgery or invasive treatments. The studios offer HYPOXI, LPG Lipomassage, PowerPlate which help you supercharge your results and obtain the body you want 3X more effectively than with traditional exercise. The options available also complement post cosmetic surgery by preventing the build-up of scar tissue as well as shifting stubborn fat and cellulite deposits.




HYPOXI® is the SMART way to target stubborn fat. It combines vacuum and compression with low impact exercise and healthy nutrition to optimise fat burning in these problem areas.

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Lipomassage mobilises your connective tissues to stimulate your metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic system. This is mostly for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, firming and draining while Endermolift is highly effective in detoxing, firming, adding glow, anti-ageing, replumping and resculpting of the face.

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Power Plate® focuses on strength training and muscle toning. It uses advanced vibration technology to stimulate muscle contraction. Half an hour on the Power Plate is equal to an hour and a half in the gym.

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Time is of the essence with me, and I have found the perfect fast, functional and effective exercise program around. Thanks to the professional coaches at BodySmart who make it fun as well.

*Individual results may vary

Having a booked appointment and knowing a coach was waiting for me gave me the discipline and
encouragement I needed to stick to the program.

*Individual results may vary