“Following the HYPOXI Disciplines has helped me achieve quicker fast loss results” – Smartest Loser Maria

Active living and healthy nutrition are the foundation for a happier life. Yet, most women struggle with those notoriously troubled areas around the belly or the hips, bottom, and thighs. HYPOXI – your ‘fat burning personal trainer’, helps keep those areas in check to get you in your very best shape. Meet Maria, a 42-year-old […]

Smartest Loser – Sema

Meet our Smartest Loser, Sema Judge who works at the Ministry of Education and struggled to find the motivation to exercise. On many occasions, her doctors advised her to exercise to prevent the onset of diabetes and heart disease that runs in her family.  “I tried to start a walking regime every day, without success […]

Stay active during Ramadan

“Should I exercise during RAMADAN?” – This is a common question people who are fasting ask us all the time. For those who have been reluctant to exercise on an empty stomach, the news is it’s completely healthy to work out while you fast. Adding a brief 30-45 minute exercise to your daily routine during Ramadan will get your blood […]

Recipe of the Month: Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa breakfast bowls are easy to assemble in your morning stupor which is rich in potassium, calcium and fiber. Prepare in large batches at the beginning of the week and add your toppings! A delicious, hearty, nutrition packed breakfast bowl! The perfect morning meal for Suhoor during Ramadan. Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa 2 cups coconut milk […]