5 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

The festive season is definitely a joyful and exciting time of the year, but we are all familiar with the dreaded weight gain brought about by the constant parties, the holiday frenzy, and the stress. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent all of this, there are some simple tips we can follow to stay on track with our goals:

hypoxi holiday weight gain tips

Do not skip meals

The best way to avoid binging on naughty food is to make sure you do not have your next meal while starved. It is important you do not miss your breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you don’t give yourself the chance to overeat when at a party or a gathering.


Use smaller plates

This seemingly simple trick is backed by science. Studies show that small plates can influence your perception of food portions, leading you to feel like you’re consuming more when you eat off a small plate full of food, rather than a large one.


Take your time when eating

Did you know that it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that it is already full? It is best to take your time to savor every bite and wait before grabbing for another plate to avoid overeating.


Reduce calories in your recipes

The main cause of the holiday weight gain is excessive caloric intake. This is why swapping a few ingredients of your home-cooked meal with healthier options can make a lot of difference! Instead of butter, consider using mashed bananas or pumpkin puree. Instead of sugar, try honey. Substitute chocolate chips or candies with dried fruits.


De-stress with exercise

There is nothing more stressful than catching yourself swamped at work, stuck in parties after parties with family and friends, and left with numerous items to cross off your personal to-do list. The festive season can definitely be overwhelming and stress is another factor that promotes weight gain. Stay on track by taking the time to exercise at least 3 times a week. HYPOXI is the perfect solution to sneak into your hectic day as it is a gentle exercise which targets stubborn fat on the belly, bottom, hips, and thigh in just 30 minutes. Not only will you have kept those naughty calories away, but you will have also released some tension and anxiety by spending a quality me-time!


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