Achieving Fitness — Dubai Residents’ Guide To Better Bodies

Trail running in the Showka region. Surfing in Umm Suquiem Sunset Beach. Biking in Mushrif Park. There are plenty of ways to get active and fit in and around Dubai. But if you’re not entirely into trail running, surfing, or pedaling, Dubai also provides other options to getting that body you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s losing that extra bit of weight or gaining strength and flexibility, Dubai’s posh and advanced fitness and beauty centres will make sure you achieve your goals.

Personal Training
It’s not just for the rich and famous. You, too, can get your own trainer to help you reach fitness goals. Why hire someone to tell you when, what, and how to exercise?

First, personal trainers have the credentials to get you into shape in a short amount of time. You’ll be taught the right techniques and the proper form with each routine so you achieve maximum results, quickly but safely. Second, you get solid support and motivation so you’ll be able to focus on every workout and not entertain quitting, in spite of the intensity. And third, you get a personalised programme for fitness. Dubai residents are fairly active people, joining triathlons, paddling, and other outdoor sports. Personal trainers can come up with a sport-specific programme for you.

Wellness and Fitness Machines
You can supplement your fitness programme with the latest in technology — and Dubai has got some of the more advanced machines in the market. One such machine is called the Power Plate, which by its name already conjures up images of enhanced figures. Power Plate simulates your body’s response to vibration. The vibrations then transmit energy waves to your entire body and activate muscle contractions. The results are: decreased cellulite, reduced pain and soreness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, increased blood circulation, and a host of other physical benefits.

Fat Burning Device
What could be more advanced in the field of fitness than having a device that actually focuses on problem areas? The device, known as Hypoxi, targets unwanted fat deposits using a combination of pressure alternating therapy with fat burning activity. Not only that, because this approach to burning fat uses vacuum and compression methods, the therapy can actually improve the texture of your skin. With the gentle pulling and pushing of the skin, it becomes smoother and more elastic.

You can get into shape, eliminate cellulite, burn fat, and basically, sculpt your body but without ever having to go under the knife. So check out what Dubai has to offer when it comes to your physical fitness (and wellness, for that matter). And achieve the body you’ve always wanted.