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Capabilities of HYPOXI Fat Loss Technology

hypoxi fat loss technology

Technology has shown many wonders in the field of healthcare. If you have been facing difficulty with your fitness routine, it has got this covered for you too. HYPOXI is one of the solutions which doesn’t require too much effort on your part.

You will be able to see the desired results in very few sessions. HYPOXI devices are available everywhere and are gaining importance in the lives of fitness seekers. If you are one of those, you need to gain some awareness of their capabilities of the HYPOXI treatment by various machines.

This article aims to shed light on the capabilities of HYPOXI devices that make them effective for your fitness regime.

4 Capabilities of HYPOXI which facilitate fitness routine

HYPOXI based treatment requires both the physical training and therapy to facilitate you in your fat loss goals.  HYPOXI treatment combines a routine of low impact exercise with the use of technology and a healthy diet. It burns fat, improves circulation, prevents and reverses some diseases, reduces cellulite as well as water retention.

It is very effective, and thus many people in the UAE have been suggesting them to their friends and families in recent times. If you live there, you can also get HYPOXI treatment in Dubai from a reputable source. The treatment facilitates you with its following capabilities:

1. Assistance during plateaus of the fitness regime

The fitness regime is hard on many people. For some, there are a lot of highs and lows. For others, there are big leaps that require you to step out of your comfort zone. The HYPOXI treatment has a multifaceted approach towards fat loss efforts.

Thus it makes it easier for you to overcome the plateaus that come your way during your fitness regime. When you are aiming for a targeted fat burning, it comes handy by improving the level of absorption of mineral in your body.

2. Helps reduce the lactic acid accumulation

When the human body exerts as a result of high-intensity exercise, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles. This produces a burning sensation within the muscles. Lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic metabolic activity.

This kind of metabolism takes place when the body is producing energy without using oxygen.   HYPOXI encourages low-intensity exercise and is a non-invasive method of melting excess fatty tissues. It decreases pain by eliminating the inflammation caused due to lactic acid deposits. Thus this treatment is helpful in the reduction of the accumulated lactic acid.

3. Stimulates lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the system of blood vessels that a human body contains. With excess fat and toxins in the body, the flow of blood in these vessels can face hindrance. With a lack of ease of flow of blood, you may have a deteriorated rate of blood circulation than you require for a healthy life.

HYPOXI lymphatic drainage machine helps improve lymph flow and destroy fat cells. Thus HYPOXI treatment stimulates the lymphatic system and takes you a step closer to your fitness goals achievement.

4. Skin tone improvement

Skin tone is one of the least discussed areas in fitness, but it is very closely related to it. If you feel your skin tone has been affected by your low fitness levels, your concern is justified. HYPOXI treatment helps oxidize the toxins through your skin as well.

Thus you get better, rejuvenated skin. It also reduces the cellulite formed under your skin and helps get rid of the orange peel effect apparent on various areas of your skin. Thus, HYPOXI treatment can help achieve balanced and improved skin tone.

Looking forward to getting HYPOXI treatment?

HYPOXI is a very useful gift that technology has brought forward. It promotes your body metabolism and detoxes your body. It also reduces the chances of the development of any kind of cancer in your body. With a higher stimulation of your immune system, it enables you to be less vulnerable to common diseases as well as strokes.

It is a non-invasive treatment that reverses the degenerative diseases and purifies your blood. It also improves the rate of metabolic activity, thus elevates the chances of losing hundreds of calories within half an hour of the HYPOXI session.

Owing to its countless health benefits and effectiveness in gaining success in fitness goals achievement, people in Dubai have been rushing towards centers offering this treatment. If you live there, you can also go to such a clinic for getting treatment of HYPOXI Dubai to ensure you get another step closer to your fitness goals.

The results may vary depending on an individual’s age and inherent factors, and the treatment is not a substitute for the consultation of a medical practitioner. You must seek expert advice to be on the safe side.

Here’s to a healthier and happier life ahead!

How to Reduce Body Fat in Four Steps

Goodbye Body FatHave you tried everything you know and can think of so you could lose weight? Have you asked all your friends and family how to reduce body fat? Have you considered that one diet program could have a different result on another person? If you are still trying to Google to get answers, we assume that you still have not found the answer to your questions. However, before we try to give you some tips on how to reduce body fat, you need to keep in mind that doing this does not happen overnight.


Getting rid of fat is not the easiest thing to do but it is not the hardest either. But what it does take is dedication and determination. If you want to do it naturally, that is. But if you are impatient and you have the means, you can try HYPOXI solutions which get rid of body fat faster and naturally as well. But for those who want to do it in a more conventional way, here are great tips on how you can do that.


  • Have a look at your eating habits. It would probably be a good idea of you list down what you eat the whole day and what time of the day you eat. Losing fat does not necessarily mean eating less. It just means you need to know when to eat and how much food you need to eat. This does not also mean that you have the go ahead to eat what you want. Proper diet is all about balance. You can have a little bit of fatty food as your body also needs it. You can even have some sweets but make sure that you keep it to a minimum and not at the end of the day. Instead of having three full meals each day, make it five or six small meals. That way, you are never hungry and do not have to wait for the next meal time. Also keep in mind never to have a full meal at dinner. Your body does not need all those calories while it is sleeping. It just gets converted into fat.


  • Plan your meals. Not having a plan leads you to eat unhealthy food. If you eat near your office during lunch, for example, know which restaurants offer healthy options. You can even drag your colleagues with you and they will thank you for it.


  • Choose water. If you think that drinking diet sodas is okay, think again. It has no nutritional value and it is still packed with calories.


  • Move! Moving makes your metabolism faster and that means it burns fat faster. These days, people are working in front of their computers day in and out so they do not get the chance to exercise or even just go for a thirty minute walk.


Follow these very useful tips and you will notice in a few weeks that your clothes will fit better. You may also contact us a BodySmart and try out our HYPOXY solutions.


Fat Removal Without Surgery – Get That Gorgeous Body Without the Health Risks

Be slim without surgeryThese days, almost everybody is conscious about how they look and especially how much they weigh. Many are trying to lose fat for health reasons and others because they want to look good. Whatever reasons you may have for wanting to lose that excess fat (especially in the belly area), you always need to pause and think about what you are doing. You need to ask yourself if what you are doing is good for your body and health or if it has potential health risks. There are so many methods of weight and fat loss these days that you could get confused as to which one is the most effective. There are a lot of diet fads that have come out, different exercises that promise six pack abs, pills that make you burn fat faster, and surgery. While all these are great, you need to consider fat removal without surgery first.  Surgery should be your last option. Aside from it being expensive, there are potential health risks that come along with this.

What are the different types of belly fat removal and what are the health risks?

  • The most common procedure that is done for belly fat removal is liposuction. In this procedure, the patient is put to sleep using anesthesia. Then the fat cells are going to be suctioned by making a large incision. However before it is suctioned, the fat cells are broken up by the physician manually and you can just imagine how painful it is afterwards. This is why you notice swelling and bruising in the tummy area after someone has undergone this procedure. Recovery could take weeks.
  • The smartlipo is a less invasive procedure than the liposuction. Smartlipo uses a laser to break up the fat cells and no suctioning is involved. The fat is just drained out of the body. The recovery period is shorter.
  • The famous tummy tuck. In this procedure, an incision is made so fatty tissues as well as loose skin could be cut. The muscles are then tightened and you have the option to have your love handles removed.

While it is easy to imagine yourself just lying down on the operating table and wake up with a gorgeous body, there are health risks accompanied with these procedures. Known risks are infection, bleeding, internal blood clotting, heart attack and stroke.

The path to a beautiful and healthy body is never easy and it does not happen overnight. Even if you have the means to go under the knife, fat removal without surgery is still the better option. Have you heard of Hypoxi solution? It is scientifically proven to make you lose fat fast and pain-free. Learn about Hypoxi here.

Body Shaping Treatment for a Healthier and More Confident You

Body Shaping Treatment from BodySmartWhen you hear someone say that she is no longer happy with her body and wants to have body shaping treatment, judgment should not be handed out immediately. Some people think that worrying too much about how you look is just vanity speaking. Some even argue that it is not important if a person is overweight as long as he or she is happy. While we agree that each of us has the right to decide about how we look, we also have a responsibility to our loved ones and to ourselves to be better people and that includes being healthy. And being healthy means not being overweight and not having too much excess fat in our body.


Having a nicely shaped body is not only good for the health but it is also great for our psychological well-being. People who are overweight become insecure. When they were young, they probably get teased by their classmates and are often the butt of a joke. As young persons, they start thinking that they are not good enough and that they do not deserve the good things in life except for good food. They carry this mentality as they grow older, they become shy and this hinders them from being successful and becoming the awesome the individuals that they were born to be.


To help boost the confidence of many individuals, a body shaping treatment could be the solution. What is it and how does it work? The body shaping treatment is a non-invasive treatment to help us lose extra fat that is stored in the body. The tummy area, thighs, love handles, waist, and hips could all be specifically targeted. It uses a massage technology partnered with ultrasonic treatment to help burn fat faster. This type of treatment is becoming more popular because it is non-invasive yet proven to make you lose unwanted fat. There are no known side effects of this treatment so you can be sure that it is safe.


Trying to achieve the body that you want is no longer just a dream. Some of us just do not have the time to run a few miles a day or always prepare healthy meals. Although it is advisable that you do these two things however like we said, no one has the time every single day. But with the help of a body shaping treatment, you can get rid of fat that could cause diseases.


Learn more about BodySmart’s body shaping treatment here and give us a call. We would love to hear from you and help you boost your confidence as well as help you have a healthier body.

Slimming Massage and Its Benefits

A Girl with a Slim BodyTired of trying all the diet fads you have read about on the internet? How about trying something that works and actually has scientific studies to back it up? Nope, we are not talking about another form of exercise or some invasive treatment. We know that people have become skeptical about weight loss programs that do not work or if it does, that it has minimal results. Have you heard of a slimming massage? No? Well, let us tell you what it is and how it can help you lose unwanted fat in your body.


What is a slimming massage?


A slimming massage makes use of a high end massage device that reactivates the fat release process in order to eliminate localized fat as well as body imperfections resulting in a better figure that is firmer and younger looking.


Who is it for?


It is for anybody who wants to lose weight effectively. Not all of us have the time to go for a run for an hour or do classes at the gym and not everybody can afford invasive treatment. And only a handful of people would want to go under surgery just to get rid of fat. Not only is it expensive but the pain one goes through after the procedure may not be worth all the trouble.


What are the benefits?


  1. Lose weight with ease. Say goodbye to body pains after a workout routine. A slimming massage is a pain-free treatment. You do not have to exert effort and you can do this at a time you are free. Eliminate that stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise easily.


  1. Improves skin. This treatment makes your skin more elastic so it becomes firmer. No more wrinkles and saggy skin. The overall result is that you get younger looking skin. If you do get the chance to exercise, the results are even better.


  1. Great self-esteem. A lot of people do not get quick results fast when they go to the gym. It usually takes a couple of years before you actually get the body that you want. With a slimming massage, you could see the results after a few sessions. Having a nice body boosts self-esteem and gives you the self-confidence that you lack.


  1. Improved health. Being overweight is the cause of some health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. By eliminating fat from your body, these health issues will also be eliminated. Your health and performance will visibly improve.


There are different kinds of slimming massage treatments so it is advised that you talk to your specialists and determine which one best suits your needs. You can learn more about the different kinds of slimming massages here.


LPG Slimming Treatment – What It Is and How Will It Benefit You

Slim Body with LPG Slimming TreatmentEverybody wants to have a slimmer body especially women. Having a nice body boosts our confidence and it makes us feel good. However, most of us do not have the time to exercise and therein lies the problem. We work so hard and we reward ourselves by eating out and ordering good food. And since we almost never have the time to burn calories, the result is that we put on weight; a lot of it. This is especially true for women. Women often have to juggle work, kids and household chores and the thought of going to the gym or running a few miles is just too much. Those who have the financial means resort to surgical treatment. But, how about those who can’t afford it? LPG slimming treatment could be the best solution.


LPG slimming treatment is not just having a nice body at a cheaper cost but it is actually better than going under the knife. Why? Because unlike surgery, LPG slimming treatment shapes your body better and makes your skin look firmer, healthier and younger looking. How does it work? A specialist will be assigned to you, the client, and will determine what your requirements are and your goals for your body. They do not just go ahead and shape everybody’s body the same as their other clients. This is the beauty of LPG slimming. It is pain-free and it will take about 12 sessions for you to have the results that you want. It is a gradual process so your body is not traumatized by the change that it is undergoing.


What exactly is LPG slimming treatment?


LPG is a treatment that stimulates the skin and the tissues under it with the use of devices with advanced technology for fitness. By stimulating the skin, biological responses are triggered and this reactivates fat releases as well as collagen and elastin production resulting in a much better body figure. As we grow older, the production of collagen and elastin also decreases and these two play an important role in the re-densification of the skin. The lack of collagen and elastin in our body results in having loose skin.


Women who have a lot of cellulite will also find this treatment to their benefit as cellulite is one of the tissues that are targeted by LPG. After several sessions, women will notice that they have smoother and younger looking skin


It is very frustrating to constantly see fat deposits on the thigh and stomach areas after you have spent so much effort and time to get rid of them. With the LPG slimming treatment, you no longer have to worry about finishing everything early so you can make time for gym. Of course, doing some exercise will do you a lot of good but if you can’t, you do not have to worry about putting on too much weight.


Click here and learn more about LPG treatment.

Endermolift Facial Treatment – The Key to Having Clear and Smooth Face

Clear and Smooth Face with EndermoliftHave you looked closely in the mirror lately? Did you notice some not so subtle lines on your face? Wrinkles? Oh no! If there is one thing that women are afraid of when they look in the mirror is to see wrinkles on their face. Why? Because it is a sign of ageing and most are not too eager to accept this change. They head out the door and buy some beauty products that promise firmer skin and to clear wrinkles on the face only to be disappointed again and again. Wrinkles are still visible after using two or three bottles of the said product. What to do about it, short of having an invasive facelift? Beauty experts recommend endermolift facial treatment.

Endermolift facial treatment is a non aggressive and targeted anti-aging treatment for women as well as for men of all age groups. This treatment is a hundred percent natural and slows down signs of skin aging. It visibly restores your skin density which in turn makes the lines on your face go away. This is called self-hydration.

It is strongly advised, however, that you consult with your specialist first before undergoing this treatment. As there are different types of facial treatment, you need to know which one is best for you. Men and women have different needs and different wants so be sure you know the difference between each endermolift treatment. Your reliable consultant should be able to explain the difference and guide you to reach a decision.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer these services so you also need to be careful which company you should trust your face and money with. Do some research about the technology that is used in endermolift facial treatment. If the consultant you talked with does not have the latest technology, you should probably look for another company that can provide you with the best service. You can also ask your family and friends for some recommendations and ask them about their experience. And speaking of experience, you may also want to ask your friends who among them have tried this treatment and how it worked for them. Getting a good recommendation is always great so you know that you are in capable hands.

Your body’s fitness should not be the only thing that you should worry about. Having clear and smooth skin gives you more confidence than having a great body. The face is the first part that people tend to look at and having healthy looking and wrinkle-free face will go a long way.

Contact us at Bodysmart for inquiries about endermolift facial treatment.

Boost Your Confidence Through An LPG Body Treatment

You’ve banished your favorite foods from your diet and you perform your workout religiously. Why then, you might ask, are you still far from meeting your target results?

There are several reasons why people, no matter how diligently they stick to their diet and fitness plans, do not seem to gain the results they are after.

It might be that they have been doing the same workout over and over. The human body has the unique capability of adapting to exercise. The longer you perform an exercise routine, the lesser it becomes a challenge. The quick work-around here is to find another activity which will challenge your body.

On a related note, you may not be giving your body the challenge it needs to transform itself. Perhaps you are not putting enough weight on the barbell, or maybe you continue to run at the same pace. Add more weights or run at a slightly higher pace and you’ll give your body a tough challenge to overcome.

It is also possible that you are not giving yourself ample time to rest and recover. Remember, achieving your desired body entails not only attention to diet and exercise, but also toward recuperation. If you are continuously under stress and you lack sleep, you’re putting your hormones out of tune with your body.

If you have made the necessary adjustments to no avail, it might be time to consider an LPG body treatment which will aid your body in eliminating stubborn fat, especially in problem areas like the tummy, waist, arms and buttocks. LPG’s Lipomassage program works through the process of lipolysis which stimulates the release of fat while stimulating the production of both collagen and elastin. The end results include elimination of fat, reshaping the body, smoothening of cellulite, and getting firmer skin.

Treatment begins with an evaluation of the person’s current figure and future goals. From there, a customized program is developed. Depending on your initial evaluation, the following treatments may be recommended to you.

The Android Lipomassage targets fat deposits in the stomach, arms and waist. The Gynoid Lipomassage, on the other hand, focuses on the lower body, specifically the legs and the buns. Lipomassage Total Care is a full body treatment that makes the skin firmer and shapes the whole body. Cellulite Smooth treatment helps smooth unsightly cellulite and helps firm up the skin. Draining Aqueous Cellulite treatment also smoothens cellulite while stimulating draining. Firming and Contouring treatment stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which translates to a slimmer figure and smoother skin. And the Endermo Draining Treatment – Light Legs aids in stimulating blood circulation.

A Dubai Weight Loss Program Combines Exercise And Therapy For Improved Fat-Burning Power

A lot of people struggle with their weight. Some obviously need to trim down and overhaul their lifestyle for health purposes, and then there are those who have an ideal in mind, although they are within their healthy weight spectrum. While most of these people have a clear idea of what needs to be done to get to the weight they need to be in (such as exercising and following a diet), typically, they find these common solutions rather frustrating to work with. The target results tend to take quite a long time to manifest, which naturally is a great challenge to the goal of pushing forward.

Many people who understand that the road to fitness and health is not easy recognize that securing their goal can be best accomplished with the services of professionals with extensive knowledge of the body’s unique composition, the complex assortment of variables that affect weight, and the best methods to use in achieving weight goals. And speaking of solutions offered by fitness and health professionals, quite in demand among clients nowadays is Hypoxi, which a lot of wellness facilities in Dubai include in their weight loss program. This procedure makes use of a device that effectively enhances the results of exercise by performing therapeutic methods known to increase blood flow to certain parts of the body and metabolize fatty acids faster.

The main principle behind Hypoxi is that fat burns much faster in the parts of the body that have strong blood circulation than in those with poor blood supply; fat tends to form deposits, and is quite challenging to eliminate in those areas where circulation is poor. Hypoxi identifies those areas where blood does not circulate properly (even after a strenuous workout) so stimulation can be applied to promote fat-burning action.

Hypoxi has three important elements: vacuum treatment, compression therapy, and fat-burning exercise. Vacuum treatment stimulates better blood flow in those “cold” areas through a strategy comparable to the ancient technique of cupping (some people call the traditional method ventosa). The sucking action created by the vacuum has been proven to accelerate fat loss in the abdominal region which is a usual “cold” area. The second element, which is compression therapy, applies high pressure to the tissue and treats varicose veins and those areas where there’s weak connective tissue. And the last one, which is the fat burning exercise, stimulates the transport of fatty acids to promote fat metabolism. The reclining L250 (an important equipment for Hypoxi training) uses gravity to help assist the transport of fatty acids out of the problem areas and promote elimination.

So, if the usual exercise and diet program is just not leading you close enough and quickly enough to your weight goal, try Hypoxi training which is provided by reputable wellness facilities in Dubai. Weight loss program creators assure that including the Hypoxi treatment has already worked for many — and it might just be what could also work for you.

Move Past Your Weight Loss Plateau With LPG Slimming

Your fitness training regimen may currently be labelled as physical punishment, and you’ve exercised every manner of restraint to keep yourself away from unhealthy food. But despite all these, the needle on the weighing scale has stopped moving.

Anyone who has tried losing weight knows that the joy of shedding a significant amount of body weight will be inevitably followed by a plateau. While hitting a plateau can be quite discouraging even if you have made significant progress toward reaching your goals, it is but a natural part of weight loss.

Fitness plateaus can be attributed to several factors. First is muscle loss. About 25 percent of the weight you lose through diet and exercise is composed of muscle tissue. Now, muscle tissue loss can lower your metabolic rate, which explains the marginal gains from your diet and exercise plans.

Another theory proposed by scientists is the set point theory. According to the set point theory, the human body naturally maintains a specific weight. Simply put, if you cannot move past a certain weight, it means that you have reached your body’s comfort zone.

As you progress further into a diet or exercise plan, your nutritional needs may change or you may have to exert more physical effort in order to further lose weight. Other factors that may lead to a weight loss plateau are pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal problems, medication, menopause and even cheating on a diet.

If you have been dieting and exercising diligently and yet you have been netting marginal gains, your will power may be at a low. Will power is a finite resource that gets depleted. You can push past your plateau and continue on, quit entirely on your diet and training, or you can opt for LPG slimming to help eliminate stubborn fat in problem areas while giving you a boost in confidence.

Lipomassage slimming is specifically designed to remove stubborn excess fat that dieting and exercising simply cannot eliminate. Through the use of independent motorised rollers, it eliminates fat, revitalises blood and lymphatic circulation and even firms up loose skin.

Lipomassage benefits a diverse number of men and women, including: those who cannot get rid of fat deposits in problem areas like thighs and the belly despite their efforts to exercise regularly and eat healthy food; those who experience hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty or menopause; individuals who have lost weight and want to tighten their skin; and those who want quick results without resorting to invasive treatments.

LPG: Dubai Residents’ Secret To Beauty And Wellness

Over time, due to aging and hormonal changes, the body’s cells become dormant and this can lead to several problems including loose skin, cellulite and stubborn fat deposits in the thigh, buttocks and the tummy. If you are facing these woes, you have probably seen the whole gamut of products and advice geared to solve these. Some have a high price while others are painful and invasive. Diet and exercise, on the other hand, require a great amount of effort and will power.

However, none of these are truly as effective as the treatments developed by LPG. Dubai residents who have tried many products, treatments and other schemes will be glad to know about LPG’s suite of treatments which operate on the principle of reactivating deep dormant cellular activity through the mechanical stimulation of the scheme — a painless and non-invasive alternative to other products and services out in the market.

The Endermolift treatment boasts of being one of the most targeted, rapid and effective anti-ageing treatments suitable for men and women of all ages. It utilises the only available technique in the world that stimulates the synthesis of hyraluronic acid and elastin which results in firm and toned skin and even smoothened wrinkles.

If you have diligently stuck to your diet and fitness programme and you still cannot boast of the results you have gained, perhaps it’s time to try Lipomassage. Lipomassage uses a patented slimming technique that stimulates the release of fat which in turn eliminates stubborn fat from problem areas. As an added benefit, the treatment also stimulates the release of collagen and elastin which contribute to firmer and smoother skin.

Wellbox synthesises two of LPG’s most popular and effective treatments into one beauty care device that can be used at home. With the Wellbox, you can enjoy the same benefits of the two treatments which use the CelluM6 technology, right in the comfort of your own home.

LPG has also released a line of skincare products that promise fast and effective release through the use of both the CELLUM6 technology and LPG SOINS technique. Target cellulite, reduce volume loss and get firmer skin with Lipo-Slim Gel, Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex, Draining Detox Serum, Firming Contour Liquid and the Glowing Revitalising Cream. Treat the signs of ageing on your face with the Tensing Firming Cream, Replenish and Redensifying Cream, Global Sculpting Cream, Radiance Energising Serum, Total Eye Care and the Post-Treatment Collagen Mask.

How To Remedy Problematic Body Areas With An LPG Machine

For years, spot reduction or the principle of removing fat from problematic areas, typically through exercise, has been dismissed as a myth. The general consensus among fitness professionals is that repeatedly performing specific exercise that utilises a particular body part will not remove stubborn fat from that area. According to them, weight loss cannot be targeted to work on specific body parts; the body loses weight from all over. As such, it is entirely possible that you put much time and effort into exercise and diet and still have problematic areas like the thighs, buttocks and the belly. This has led many men and women to resort to invasive procedures like liposuction — that is, until the introduction of Lipomassage.

Through the use of the LPG machine, people who are battling problem areas in their bodies can revitalise and reactivate their adipocytes. Adipocytes have been dubbed as slimming cells for their role in both the production and elimination of fat cells. If after following a stringent exercise and diet programme you still have fat deposits on your tummy, hips and thighs as well as cellulite, one reason for that may be the slowdown in your body’s cellular metabolism.

Through Mecano stimulation or mechanical cellular stimulation used in Lipomassage, stubborn fat cells are removed while the production of both collagen and elastin are revitalised which results in the added benefit of firmer skin. It takes six sessions to see visible results like the removal of stubborn fat and cellulite, resculpting of body parts and firmer skin.

Another great thing about Lipomassage is you can target specific problem areas that cannot be remedied by exercise or diet. Lipomassage gives you greater control in re-sculpting your figure.

The principles utilised in Lipomassage are the result of the extensive research and experience of professionals like plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physical therapists and spas. Furthermore, the treatment has been proven effective by more than 100 clinical and scientific studies. One of these studies, done by Professor Lafontan of INSERM in Toulouse, has proven that Lipomassage can increase fat elimination by 70 percent.

Results are typically visible after six sessions. After finishing the programme, one session per month is recommended to maintain the results. Although continuing with a diet and exercise programme is not necessary for maintenance, both can help people reach their fitness goals further.

Slim down your fat cells. Smoothen cellulite. Firm your skin. Reshape your body. Take control with Lipomassage.

The Hottest New Facial Treatments You Should Try Today

The quest for beauty is an age-old pursuit. The difference between now and then is that you have more options for treatment. There are natural concoctions you can try at home, sort of like the way the Egyptians did it with milk, honey, avocado, and aromatic oils. There are also facial treatments offered at spas and beauty centres, targeting a variety of skin types and using a combination of massages, creams, oils, and tools that slough off dead skin cells.

But the latest facial treatments will also use advanced technology to deliver radiant and younger skin. And here are just some of the hottest new facial treatments that use the latest in technology.

The LPG Endermolift
The Endermolift uses the MPF or Motorised Pulsating Flap patented technology. This incredible tool features a micro motor that delivers tissue stimulation and speedy flap pulsations that allow for targeted cell stimulation. The micro-beats delivered to the skin’s surface create natural production of elastin and collagen, so you’ll get firm, glowing, and younger-looking skin.

Endermolift sessions may also lighten dark circles, reduce eye bags (by 19 percent, a Humbert study has shown), and even reduce double chin. This facial treatment may also be used for neck and décolleté areas. Treatments will vary according to your needs; there are sessions as short as 15 minutes (for reviving dull complexions) and as long as 40 minutes (for the full anti-ageing treatment). The best part? The treatment is painless and non-invasive.

The At-Home Beauty Care Device
Upkeep can be a bother when you’re trying to get maximum results from your facial treatments. Instead of just bringing home the recommended skin care line, for your specific skin condition, you could bring home a Wellbox. The Wellbox makes use of LPG’s patented technologies. It’s great for facial and body care needs so basically you get the complete beauty care package in one nifty looking device. It’s an excellent investment if you happen to have very little time to book a facial with your preferred beauty and wellness centre.

As a tool for facial care, you can use the Wellbox to get an instant facial lift before you head out for a date or a fun night out with friends. The device targets sagging skin and reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles. It can improve blood circulation, leaving you with soft and radiant skin. It also delivers smoothing action, which will give you that youthful, supple facial skin you’ve always dreamed about.

LPG Treatment: Dubai Discovers The Multiple Benefits Of Cell Stimulation

There’s nothing wrong with having a little excess weight; it’s even understandable when you put on the extra pounds over the holidays. Of course, eventually that excess weight could end up “inviting” more excess pounds (especially with all the wonderful restaurants and irresistible pastry shops in Dubai) and you’ll start to feel exhausted all the time or be too lazy for anything. Most people who want to shed the extra pounds will go under some strict diet and exercise relentlessly, and with enough motivation, the efforts to getting back into shape could yield positive results.

What if it doesn’t? What if the dieting and exercising fail to eliminate fat deposits in your body? And what if, when you do lose weight, you put it back on in a matter of months? You can avoid the frustration of unsuccessful dieting and workouts by getting technology to eliminate stubborn fat — for good. Remember these three letters: L-P-G.

Getting LPG treatment, Dubai residents have come to discover, offers multiple benefits — not the least of which is slimming down. LPG uses cell stimulation (also known as endermologie) by mechanically stimulating the skin, generating deep biological responses. It’s a painless and non-invasive way to deliver anti-ageing and body-slimming treatments. Treatments under this revolutionary method include the LPG Endermolift and the LPG Lipomassage. A Dubai fitness and beauty centre may also offer a skin care line and an at-home beauty-care device inspired by LPG. Both are intended to help you maintain the results gained from your LPG sessions.

Instead of undergoing several rather painful age-defying cosmetic procedures, Dubai’s residents have the Endermolift option, which is a 100-percent natural anti-ageing technique perfect for men and women.

What it does is redensify your skin by delivering micro-beats to the skin surface, stimulating youth cells so that these begin to produce collagen and elastin, and thus eliminate the signs of ageing (e.g., wrinkles, double chin, or puffiness). The LPG Endermolift sessions may last anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the sort of treatment you choose, from reviving dull complexion and slimming down a double chin to a complete face and neck anti-ageing treatment.

Meanwhile, the Lipomassage will not only help you permanently get rid of stubborn fat, it will also smooth out cellulite, firm up the skin, and sculpt your figure. This patented technique is also ideal because it zaps localised fat deposits. Whether you want those love-handles gone or those thigh bulges eliminated, LPG’s body-slimming treatment will make sure it happens.