Achieving Fitness — Dubai Residents’ Guide To Better Bodies

Trail running in the Showka region. Surfing in Umm Suquiem Sunset Beach. Biking in Mushrif Park. There are plenty of ways to get active and fit in and around Dubai. But if you’re not entirely into trail running, surfing, or pedaling, Dubai also provides other options to getting that body you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s losing that extra bit of weight or gaining strength and flexibility, Dubai’s posh and advanced fitness and beauty centres will make sure you achieve your goals.

Personal Training
It’s not just for the rich and famous. You, too, can get your own trainer to help you reach fitness goals. Why hire someone to tell you when, what, and how to exercise?

First, personal trainers have the credentials to get you into shape in a short amount of time. You’ll be taught the right techniques and the proper form with each routine so you achieve maximum results, quickly but safely. Second, you get solid support and motivation so you’ll be able to focus on every workout and not entertain quitting, in spite of the intensity. And third, you get a personalised programme for fitness. Dubai residents are fairly active people, joining triathlons, paddling, and other outdoor sports. Personal trainers can come up with a sport-specific programme for you.

Wellness and Fitness Machines
You can supplement your fitness programme with the latest in technology — and Dubai has got some of the more advanced machines in the market. One such machine is called the Power Plate, which by its name already conjures up images of enhanced figures. Power Plate simulates your body’s response to vibration. The vibrations then transmit energy waves to your entire body and activate muscle contractions. The results are: decreased cellulite, reduced pain and soreness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, increased blood circulation, and a host of other physical benefits.

Fat Burning Device
What could be more advanced in the field of fitness than having a device that actually focuses on problem areas? The device, known as Hypoxi, targets unwanted fat deposits using a combination of pressure alternating therapy with fat burning activity. Not only that, because this approach to burning fat uses vacuum and compression methods, the therapy can actually improve the texture of your skin. With the gentle pulling and pushing of the skin, it becomes smoother and more elastic.

You can get into shape, eliminate cellulite, burn fat, and basically, sculpt your body but without ever having to go under the knife. So check out what Dubai has to offer when it comes to your physical fitness (and wellness, for that matter). And achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Slimming Dubai Clients Down To Their Target Size And Shape

Dubai beauty and wellness facilities offer various solutions for different body issues. A popular aim for undergoing a fitness program is weight loss. Slimmer apparently means more attractive to many, so people with a few or a lot of extra pounds endeavor to get their weight down and tone their bodies to make themselves not only more visually appealing, but healthier as well.

Slimming Dubai clients down to their dream size and shape may take more than your token exercise and diet. For starters, it’s hard to find a rigorous but fun workout. If results are expected, the sessions have to be pretty intense, but these hard workout programs are not exactly the engaging and joyful activities people would like them to be. Difficult as it is to find an exercise program that keeps people interested, it is even harder to fit it in with regularity to a busy schedule.

Diets, on the other hand, are for the birds as far as many are concerned. Being slender doesn’t have to equate to a life of constant self-deprivation. Why spend hours straining your body, regularly starving yourself, and being hungry and miserable all the time when there are slimming programs that offer great results while allowing you to eat and have fun with light and fun exercises?

It all boils down to science. With in-depth understanding of the workings of the human body and modern technology, there are now various possibilities for getting in shape without the usual pain. Some of these new and nifty weight loss solutions are HYPOXI, LPG, and PowerPlate.

Through HYPOXI solutions, you can get cellulite-prone areas such as your stomach, hip, buttocks, and thighs to lose fat three times more effectively than you would through painful conventional exercises. With tools such as a vacuum chamber and a pressure suit, the results of common exercises are optimized.

LPG solutions, meanwhile, involve the stimulation of cells or Endermologie. Through treatments using cell stimulating techniques, which reactivate deep and dormant cellular activity, clients can achieve younger-looking and younger-feeling skin and a better body shape in a painless and non-invasive fashion.

Last but not least, PowerPlate is a smart and sophisticated machine that works as a premium vibration device using the principle of Acceleration Training. Apparently, vibrations can work wonders on the body by activating muscle contractions and improving blood circulation.

It’s true that exercise and diet can be slimming; Dubai fitness experts, however, know that there are more efficient ways to lose weight and shape the body. It’s time to take advantage of these technologies to get optimum results.

Slimming Down In Dubai – Weight Loss Solutions To Choose From

Dubai is a true gem of the desert. It is replete with various wonders, a city fitted with testaments of limits pushed and marvellous feats achieved. You have your ski resort inside a mall, man-made luxury islands, the world’s tallest building built on sand… The fascinating emirate pulsates with a penchant for extremes, and the people who associate with it are part of the world’s elite, themselves as impressive as Dubai’s many accomplishments.

The city is definitely teeming with beautiful people, effectively pushing the bar much higher for standards of attractiveness. Surrounded by such impressive creatures who undoubtedly spend much time, effort, and money to achieve a certain level of physical perfection, the typical Dubai resident or visitor can’t help but feel compelled to do what’s possible to follow suit.

In Dubai, weight loss is a concern. With people having access to a rich menu, it would be hard not to indulge now and then. And with the attention and importance given to physical appearance, there’s definitely a need to consciously maintain balance. Fortunately, the city has plenty of options for those seeking to slim down. In fact, there are visitors who purposely seek to take advantage of the elite beauty and wellness facilities when they travel to Dubai. Weight loss is definitely a common aim when they sign up for the available treatment programs.

These days, weight loss is not enough; targeted body shaping is the demand. More than dropping the extra poundage, clients want a better-sculpted body. For this particular intent, the slimming solutions below are some of the most popular innovations that fitness experts recommend:

HYPOXI – Involving equipment and treatment that specifically target fat in areas such as the stomach, buttocks, hips, and thighs, the program helps clients achieve better skin tone and texture, a faster metabolism, as well as better circulation among other beauty and health benefits.

PowerPlate – This involves a line of equipment designed to function as a virtual trainer. Complete with customized exercise programs and workout videos, it provides an effective and efficient fitness solution.

LPG – This pertains to a system that offers various technologies related to Endermologie or cell stimulation. It provides wonderfully natural and non-invasive solutions for body and face care.
If weight loss is their aim, Dubai clients can rest assured that they can find a program that is designed specifically to cater to their need and preference. It’s simply a matter of zeroing in on the one that will work best for them.

LPG Huber Motion Lab – The Latest Phenomenon In The Health And Fitness Industry


There is no doubt about the human body being a highly intelligent machine. The “feedforward” phenomenon is just another attestation to the fact. Based on recent findings from long-time studies, the nervous system has an innate ability to anticipate movement. To put this discovery to our advantage, LPG Systems developed a unique technology that allows for rapid movements in aid of enhancing athletic ability, shaping the body, correcting posture, and boosting health.

The LPG Huber Motion Lab is now being used in many prestigious centres geared toward treatment of back and movement problems as well as in programmes for athletic training. The machine’s applications are used for improvement in physical health and ability, body sculpting, as well as posture correction. They also do wonders for refining movement precision and regaining balance. It’s no surprise that various experts from the health, beauty, and sports industries are raving about the technology.

When it comes to matters related to athletics, the Huber Motion Lab has preset protocols for more than 12 sports and provides for comprehensive training for various aspects of an athletic program, such as the physical, the mental, and the technical. It addresses muscle reinforcement, flexibility, core training, cardio, biomechanics, and concentration. It helps prepare athletes for specific activities, tune their performance, as well as treat muscle and ligament injuries.

In the treatment of back and movement disorder, the machine’s engaging interface offers a combination of vestibular, articular, and muscular exercises designed to help with issues in orthopaedics, rheumatology, trauma, neurology, urogynecology, cardiology, and geriatrics.

In terms of fitness, the Huber Motion Lab allows the body to enter the zone of maximum fat burning in less than three minutes. Amazing results include a slender figure with a flat stomach, firm and toned arms, a defined waistline, sculpted legs, shapely thighs and buttocks, as well as a healthy and attractive carriage.

The machine boasts a touch screen with more than 400 integrated exercises, intelligent programs that intuitively monitor progress and provide precise feedback, 3D visualisation of instructed positions, force sensors that encode mobility and strength variables, new scanning options, PC software for personalised use, protocols for pre-registering 12 or more sports disciplines, etc. It also comes with extensions for the removable handles and automatic height adjustment in the moving column.

Diminishing Those Cottage Cheese Lumps With LPG Slimming Solutions

Have those fatty ripples along your thighs, rear end, tummy (not the good kind of rippling either), arms, or even your jaw line been causing you woe? No matter what kind of workout or diet you attempt, the things just won’t go away. They’re called cellulite and they’re made of pretty tenacious stuff. Once they take up residence in your body, they insist on staying permanently. It’s an uphill battle to zap those unwanted fat deposits away, but it can be done. If you’re dreading bikini season because of these unsightly dimples, then it’s time to take action.

A groundbreaking cellulite treatment that has been earning raves all over the planet is Lipomassage, a popular LPG slimming solution. This is performed by an LPG Systems-trained therapist with the use of an endermologie machine. It has a very high success rate and has been proven extremely effective in addressing trouble areas such as doughy thighs, non-endearing love handles, flabby upper arms, multiple chins, and other cellulite-plagued portions of the body.

During a Lipomassage cellulite treatment, you will be asked to lie down and don a garment that resembles a body stocking or unitard. Using the endermologie machine, the therapist will focus on the trouble spots on your body, pressing and squeezing them into shape with motorised rollers. The process doesn’t take long, but you will have to go in about five more times within a fortnight, and then treatment is reduced to twice a week until your desired results are visible. Optimal results usually manifest themselves around the 15th session. You will have to drink lots of water after each treatment in order to facilitate a more efficient elimination of toxins. Once you’ve obtained your expected results, you will be advised to commit to a once-a-month session for maintenance.

Of course, you have to reasonably manage your expectations. There are different body types and fat compositions within them, so the outcome is not always the svelte figure ideal most people imagine. Besides this, there are also factors that affect the general outcome, such as age, lifestyle, and diet. To contribute to your campaign for freedom from cellulite, you will need to avoid diets and habits that encourage its formation.

Limit the dimpling you do to your cheeks. Address the problem of cellulite before the ripples spread to a wider area. Sign up for Lipomassage, and, before long, you can confidently sashay your way to beach season with a smoother and firmer body.

Fat-burning training – The HYPOXI Method

Fatty tissue is the most important protection and storage organ in the human body. But when we have an excess of it it becomes less of a necessity and more of an unhealthy, unsightly issue that we need to take care of.

The cross muscles (voluntary muscles) in our body are the only organ able to directly metabolise fat, but only by training under the following conditions:

  • Low intensity
  • Moderate, consistent movement
  • Sufficient oxygen supply
  • Sufficient exercise duration

With the HYPOXI method we make sure that you are training under all these conditions to ensure optimal fat-burning.

HYPOXI Head Quarters in Austria are continuously doing medical research to make sure our clients are receiving the treatment that promises the best results, and studies have proven that 30 minutes is the most efficient duration for fat-burning training.

Gabriela Baumann, Master Trainer of HYPOXI, Austria, says: “We have found that the post-exercise consumption (PEC) is longer after a 30 minute workout. The studies have revealed that 90 per cent of all clients achieve best results with a 30 minute Vacunaut session.”

When exercising within the conditions of the HYPOXI method, your brain tells your body after only 3 minutes that it can use fat as energy source for the moderate training. The percentage of fat used for energy slowly increases throughout the workout and reaches a peak at 25 minutes. When the workout stops at 30 minutes, the amount of free fatty acids and triglycerides continues to be used as energy source and slowly decreases throughout the following 6-8 hours. When you keep working out for 40 minutes, the fat-burning reduces much faster after the session.

This is also why you have a 4 hour carb curfew after your HYPOXI and Vacunaut session. If you eat carbs (like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, confectioneries, sweets or soft drinks and alcohol) your body will stop using fat as energy source and rather use the carbohydrates, as it is a higher quality energy source. Within the 4 hours it is allowed to eat protein and non-starchy vegetables and salad. After the curfew try to eat slow releasing (complex) carbs, like whole grain foods.

In the past, our Vacunaut sessions was 40 minutes, however, when we learned about these new studies we decided to put it to the test ourselves. We have put a number of clients on 30 minutes and were very excited to see that we were achieving even better results! Now that we have proven the studies to be true, we will be initiating Vacunaut sessions of 30 minutes  for all clients at Bodysmart, just like in all international HYPOXI Studios.

At Bodysmart our motto is being RESULTS DRIVEN so our main aim is that each and every client achieve their weight loss goal!