Fat-burning training – The HYPOXI Method

Fatty tissue is the most important protection and storage organ in the human body. But when we have an excess of it it becomes less of a necessity and more of an unhealthy, unsightly issue that we need to take care of.

The cross muscles (voluntary muscles) in our body are the only organ able to directly metabolise fat, but only by training under the following conditions:

  • Low intensity
  • Moderate, consistent movement
  • Sufficient oxygen supply
  • Sufficient exercise duration

With the HYPOXI method we make sure that you are training under all these conditions to ensure optimal fat-burning.

HYPOXI Head Quarters in Austria are continuously doing medical research to make sure our clients are receiving the treatment that promises the best results, and studies have proven that 30 minutes is the most efficient duration for fat-burning training.

Gabriela Baumann, Master Trainer of HYPOXI, Austria, says: “We have found that the post-exercise consumption (PEC) is longer after a 30 minute workout. The studies have revealed that 90 per cent of all clients achieve best results with a 30 minute Vacunaut session.”

When exercising within the conditions of the HYPOXI method, your brain tells your body after only 3 minutes that it can use fat as energy source for the moderate training. The percentage of fat used for energy slowly increases throughout the workout and reaches a peak at 25 minutes. When the workout stops at 30 minutes, the amount of free fatty acids and triglycerides continues to be used as energy source and slowly decreases throughout the following 6-8 hours. When you keep working out for 40 minutes, the fat-burning reduces much faster after the session.

This is also why you have a 4 hour carb curfew after your HYPOXI and Vacunaut session. If you eat carbs (like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, confectioneries, sweets or soft drinks and alcohol) your body will stop using fat as energy source and rather use the carbohydrates, as it is a higher quality energy source. Within the 4 hours it is allowed to eat protein and non-starchy vegetables and salad. After the curfew try to eat slow releasing (complex) carbs, like whole grain foods.

In the past, our Vacunaut sessions was 40 minutes, however, when we learned about these new studies we decided to put it to the test ourselves. We have put a number of clients on 30 minutes and were very excited to see that we were achieving even better results! Now that we have proven the studies to be true, we will be initiating Vacunaut sessions of 30 minutes  for all clients at Bodysmart, just like in all international HYPOXI Studios.

At Bodysmart our motto is being RESULTS DRIVEN so our main aim is that each and every client achieve their weight loss goal!