How HYPOXI helped Jayanti achieve her body goals


One of the most common reasons people give for not exercising is that they’re too busy and don’t have enough time. People often make time for the things that they think truly matter in life. Once you see some of the biggest consequences of not exercising, your perspective on the importance of exercise may shift and you may suddenly find yourself wanting to spend more time working out and investing in your future health.

Meet Jayanti, 29 years old, working as an Internal Auditor by profession. She was inactive in doing any kind of activity that will benefit to her health. She wasn’t also getting enough protein. Like carbohydrates and fat, protein is a “macronutrient,” meaning that you need relatively large amounts of it to stay healthy.



“I guarantee that Hypoxi is a low impact technology based exercise.” She affirms.  Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition Jayanti got the optimum results. She found out HYPOXI through a referral. So, Jayanti instantly decided to start HYPOXI because she was anxious about her weight and wanted to loss her unwanted fat. She signed up for HYPOXI S120, which targeted the belly, hips, bottom and thighs.


“I have never come across any form of exercise that is so rapid and effective and that burns fat from the areas of my body. I lost 3.9 kg and 25 cm in just a short period of time. HYPOXI is great as well as the team, they will totally look after you, and keep encouraging you to smash your goals!”. As Jayanti body weight changed, her clothing needed shifting as well. Her diet has improved to a large extent.


“It was awesome! HYPOXI aims to help me shaved a few centimetres from my problem areas.” She said. The best thing about HYPOXI is completely natural and gentle. HYPOXI uses the technology of vacuum compression, alternating the use of high and low pressures in connection with moderate movement.


“I would love to continue my HYPOXI sessions provided my work schedule permits”.


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