How to Lose Tummy Fat and How You’re Doing it Wrong

Lose Tummy Fat with the Help of BodySmartEverybody is health conscious nowadays and wants to lose weight. And this is not a bad thing. It is a good thing, really. But there is one question that a lot of us ask and that is why we are not losing our belly fat. This is quite a common dilemma. You may have noticed that you or some of your friends have been going to the gym and doing exercises for the abs but still you still have fat on there and those 6 pack abs just aren’t showing. Some get frustrated and sometimes quit. Others just keep doing the same thing they are doing and they expect different results. And then there are those dedicated ones who research the correct way on how to lose tummy fat.

You have to remember that the fat in our tummy is one of the hardest to get rid of. There are many factors why it is a challenge to each person. There’s the matter of age, your food intake including beverage, the exercise you are doing, your overall health and genetic factors also play a big role.


Here is a list of the reasons why you are not losing belly fat as fast as you want to or maybe not losing at all and how you can change some of it.


  • Age. You are older. As we age, our body also changes. That means that our metabolism is different. As we get older, our calorie intake should also be different.


  • Exercise. It is a misconception that if one wants to lose weight and lose stomach fat, one should only do cardio training such as running or biking. Of course, it will help you lose weight but cardio exercises alone will not achieve what you want. You also need to build some muscles. Some women are hesitant to do this because they think they will look like men; all muscular and not so feminine. However, if you want to know the secret on how to lose tummy fat fast, that means building muscles around that area. Muscles burn fat and that is a fact. That simply means that even if you’re not at the gym, you are still burning fat. So, the more muscles you have on there, the more fat you burn.


  • Diet. You see the word “diet” and you think of starving yourself. We are talking about the right kind of diet for you which is eating healthy food and not processed food. If you are eating healthy like having lots of fruits and veggies, you do not have to dread being starved. You can eat as much fruits and greens that you want especially those that are high in fiber. Processed food does nothing but add inches to your waist.


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