How to Reduce Belly Fat – Choosing a Diet Program

Being Fit with the Right Diet ProgramMen and women alike want to know how to reduce belly fat. The recent years have shown us that obesity has become a problem in our society. It does not help that there is a fast food store in every corner of the city. Order a meal and you get large French fries and a large coke. Before you know it, you have become overweight and you will find that gaining weight is just easier than losing it. People just do not realize just how much fat and sugar they are putting in their mouths. The good news is that we are all becoming aware of this disease. People are more aware of the health risks of junk food.


These days, we are choosing healthier options. Many experts have come up with diet plans that work. All you need to do is to try and see which one suits you best. Each diet program has different end goals so you need to know what your goal is before starting one. While these methods are proven effective, it does not mean that it works for everybody. One program may work for some and not work for you. This all depends on what your goal is and if you can stay faithful to the program long-term. Let us give you some examples of diet programs that have become very popular in the recent years.


Popular diet programs


Cohen Diet. The Cohen diet was developed by Dr. Rami Cohen who was a cardiologist before he became an obstetrician. He did a research on obesity and infertility and started developing this diet program. Basically, his studies made him conclude that the cause of obesity is because of some hormonal imbalance. So, in this particular diet, the patient will be made to undergo a series of blood tests to determine what kind of eating plan is good for him so balance is restored in his metabolism. Bear in mind that this diet is very strict and everything is measured correctly. Movement is limited to light exercise.


The Paleo Diet. This is also known as the caveman diet. It is pretty straightforward. If you ancestors were not eating it, then you shouldn’t either. That means no processed food, no gluten, and everything else in moderation. Meat, seafood, fruits and nuts are okay but always in moderation. However, meat should be grass fed. This type of diet is popular among weight lifters especially crossfitters.


The South Beach Diet. This type of diet fad became popular a few years back. It was not backed up by scientific studies but there are those who say that it worked for them. It makes you have a low food intake that is high in fiber and low on carbohydrates and then gradually increases your food intake.


If you want to know how to reduce belly fat, you need to decide on a diet that you can work with and stick with it until you see results. You should also consult your dietician and see if the diet you have chosen is good for you. Or you can learn more about reducing fat belly here.

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