Limiting Beliefs

Nutritionist and Zest4Life coach Kathleen Farren gives us a peak at one of the topics discussed in the Zest4Life program

Limiting beliefs – don’t allow them to get in the way of what you truly want to achieve

Most of you will have tried many times to achieve your ideal weight and fitness. What usually tends to happen when you embark on a new weight loss programme, is that you succeed in the short term and then re-gain all the weight you lost (and often more), you return to unhealthy ways of eating and then declare that nothing works. You may have told yourself that you cannot change, that things will always be this way and that change is too difficult.

There may be a part of you that is keeping you ‘stuck’ beacause you are actually afraid of failure and this is what has repeatedly happened in the past. Everyone has a fear of disappointment but what you must remember is that the way things have been in the past is not the way things will be in future.

On a Zest4Life programme, we don’t really view ourselves as being on a diet. This is about learning how to eat optimally so that your body and mind are fully satisfied with regular meals and snacks, all the vitamins, minerals and good fats that you need for superhealth – nutritious as well as delicious food! For the first time you will be nurturing your body and benefiting from renewed vitality, clarity of mind and boundless energy that is your in return.

So I ask you to look at weightloss from a new perspective – imagine you are now preparing yourself properly, you have new knowledge from one of the world’s leading authorities in nutrition – Patrick Holford – you have new tools and you have committed to a programme which works. This time it is different and you can use the tools you will be given to ensure you get the body you want.

Have a think about any limiting beliefs that have not served you well in the past and write them down, then using examples shown below, change these limiting beliefs into empowering alternative statements that will serve you better to make the change you want. Here are some common examples:

Limiting beliefs and empowering alternatives

“I tried everything and nothing works” could become “the diets I did in the past didn’t suit me, this time I have a great plan to follow, I know I can change anything if I commit to it”

“dieting is so dull” could become “I am not on a diet, I am choosing to eat healthily and the food is quite delicious, I’m not depriving myself at all”

“this is too difficult, I haven’t got time” could become “I really want to get fit and healthy and I will create the time to put myself top of my agenda”

“all my family struggle with their weight” could become “I won’t let a lifetime of bad eating habits keep me this way, I will find out how to eat healthily and bring about the change I want”

“I can’t be bothered to exercise” could become “the joy and vitality I feel when I get moving is irreplaceable”

Remember a limiting belief is just that – a belief – it has no foundation in reality. Every time you come up with a negative reason for spoiling your good efforts – stop and immediately replace it with an empowering alternative that will get you back on track. Eventually you will create new habits and those old believes will have faded into the past, no longer something you allow to get in the way of your success.

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