How To Lose Tummy Fat — Fast And Easy

Visceral fat. It’s the white fat that holds fort in your belly, burrowing its way to your organs. On the outside, it limits your choice of outfits, leaving you with baggy, less than appealing pieces. On the inside, visceral fat can be a threat to your health because it releases cortisol and cytokines that impact insulin production. And this could lead to a host of other problems: obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.


Clearly, you need to pay attention to belly fat, not just as a way to maintain a great body but also to ensure good health. But can you torch the fat fast and easy? Indeed, you can, with this guide on how to lose tummy fat.

Buy weight loss essentials that secure flat bellies and curbed appetites.

Instead of ruthlessly counting calories and portioning your meals to such small servings that you practically run out of energy before the day even begins, buy the right types of food.


For instance, omega-3 rich foods like salmon, halibut, flax seeds, and dark leafy greens contain high protein, which make you feel fuller. In addition, foods high in protein (in comparison to carbs) burn more calories upon digestion.


Boost your magnesium intake.

Magnesium is not only weight loss friendly but also essential to maintaining your mood. Without sufficient magnesium, the brain that regulates melatonin will be disrupted, which then disrupts your sleep. Lack of magnesium will also increase carb-craving during the cold months, in addition to leaving you at risk for seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Get moving with fun and engaging activities.

Don’t just eat the right foods — burn off the excess belly fat by being active. Anything that will get your heart rate up (e.g., swimming, running, biking, etc.) can torch fat easy.


Get smart — use technology.

Belly fat can be really stubborn. It is reported that 85 percent of women have found it hard to lose the excess fat from their tummies. One contributing factor that intensifies this difficulty is propensity to belly fat, both for men and women. With this sort of predisposition, weight loss efforts through dieting and exercising may not be enough.


What you need is something more effective and thorough, like the revolutionary HYPOXI training system. HYPOXI targets fat where you need it — in this case, the tummy area. This revolutionary technology has scientifically shown effective results for reducing fat in the abdomen area (tummy and hip region). On average, it can lose 9.4cm, a huge improvement compared to losing 2.9cm on a usual treadmill.


Even better news about using technology like HYPOXI is that your tummy will not only get flatter but your skin will also look better.


So, belly fat getting you down? Do something about it. Eat the right foods. Stay strong and healthy by getting active. And use advanced technology like HYPOXI.

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