Innovative Technology That Helps You Lose Weight: Dubai Centres Introduce HYPOXI Training

Weight loss is the goal of many men and women across the globe. There are a number of factors that contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body, which can be present in the lives of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Often, it’s the practice of choosing the wrong foods — overly processed foods full of fat, sugar, salt and unhealthy oils cause people to pack on the pounds without providing any real nutrition or health benefits. The lack of a regular fitness routine doesn’t help in whittling the body down to a healthy size and shape, either. And then there are other lifestyle considerations that don’t do much to improve the situation: constant stress, lack of adequate rest, making smoking and drinking a habit, and other things that can negatively affect your health.


What’s also discouraging for many people is the fact that even following a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise are not guarantees for achieving the body you want. The body can only work so much to burn fat; certain areas will inevitably experience poorer circulation than others, so targeting the fat becomes extra difficult.


But for individuals who have done all they can to work on their diet and fitness — as well as those who do not have the time or the resources to focus all their energy into weight loss and body shaping efforts — there is a way to finally get the results they’re after. And that answer lies in signing up for HYPOXI Training.


What is it?

Men and women aiming to build a better body and lose weight, Dubai lifestyle management centre specialists say, have two concerns: shedding the kilos, and then improving the look and texture of the skin after weight loss and muscle building. To this end, they can turn to HYPOXI Training which targets hard-to-reach problematic areas of the body as they go through an easy cardio training program.


There are 3 different options you can choose from, once you’ve decided that a little help from science and technology is what you need to get the body you’ve long been working for:


The S120

If you have been engaging in exercise for quite some time intending to burn off those last few (and very stubborn) kilos, or if you suffer from fluid retention and observe severe cellulite, then the S120 would be the ideal option. This program involves the application of gentle vacuum pressure (both positive and negative) on the affected areas (thighs and buttocks) to target fat and reduce cellulite.


The L250

If you also wish to address fluid retention and cellulite issues but do not have the opportunity or the desire to go through strenuous gym sessions, the L250 offers a more convenient solution. Vacuum therapy is utilized to transport fatty acids away from the problem areas.


The machine also has a recline position which is suitable for individuals who have not maintained an active lifestyle for some time.


The Vacunaut

Many women have an “apple” body type, while many men sport a beer belly. Both body types indicate excess fat in the stomach/waist and abdomen area, and this is what the Vacunaut is specifically designed for. It is made up of 122 integrated pressure chambers that work on the client’s midsection. It’s also an ideal therapy for people aiming to get definition on their abs for competitions.

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