How To Remedy Problematic Body Areas With An LPG Machine

For years, spot reduction or the principle of removing fat from problematic areas, typically through exercise, has been dismissed as a myth. The general consensus among fitness professionals is that repeatedly performing specific exercise that utilises a particular body part will not remove stubborn fat from that area. According to them, weight loss cannot be targeted to work on specific body parts; the body loses weight from all over. As such, it is entirely possible that you put much time and effort into exercise and diet and still have problematic areas like the thighs, buttocks and the belly. This has led many men and women to resort to invasive procedures like liposuction — that is, until the introduction of Lipomassage.

Through the use of the LPG machine, people who are battling problem areas in their bodies can revitalise and reactivate their adipocytes. Adipocytes have been dubbed as slimming cells for their role in both the production and elimination of fat cells. If after following a stringent exercise and diet programme you still have fat deposits on your tummy, hips and thighs as well as cellulite, one reason for that may be the slowdown in your body’s cellular metabolism.

Through Mecano stimulation or mechanical cellular stimulation used in Lipomassage, stubborn fat cells are removed while the production of both collagen and elastin are revitalised which results in the added benefit of firmer skin. It takes six sessions to see visible results like the removal of stubborn fat and cellulite, resculpting of body parts and firmer skin.

Another great thing about Lipomassage is you can target specific problem areas that cannot be remedied by exercise or diet. Lipomassage gives you greater control in re-sculpting your figure.

The principles utilised in Lipomassage are the result of the extensive research and experience of professionals like plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physical therapists and spas. Furthermore, the treatment has been proven effective by more than 100 clinical and scientific studies. One of these studies, done by Professor Lafontan of INSERM in Toulouse, has proven that Lipomassage can increase fat elimination by 70 percent.

Results are typically visible after six sessions. After finishing the programme, one session per month is recommended to maintain the results. Although continuing with a diet and exercise programme is not necessary for maintenance, both can help people reach their fitness goals further.

Slim down your fat cells. Smoothen cellulite. Firm your skin. Reshape your body. Take control with Lipomassage.