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Healthy receipt – Herb-crusted lamb racks with kipfler potatoes and leek

Preparation time 25 minutes Cooking time 55 minutes Tip Herbed breadcrumb mixture can be patted onto racks the day before serving. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Serving suggestion Mesclun with a lemon and rosemary-scented vinaigrette marries with this main course beautifully. 4 x 3-cutlet racks of lamb (900g) 1/4 cup (20g) fresh breadcrumbs 1 tablespoon finely […]


Fat Burning Training – The HYPOXI Method

Fatty tissue serves as a vital protective and storage organ within the human body, offering insulation, cushioning, and energy reserves. However, when an excess of fat accumulates, it transitions from being a necessity to posing potential health risks and aesthetic concerns that require diligent attention and care. Our body’s cross muscles, also known as voluntary […]


Eliminate your hidden food allergies

The most common reason for weight gain caused by fluid retention is allergy. The word ‘allergy’ simply means an intolerance that cause a reaction in the immune system. Your body is like a tube. The digestive tract, which has a surface area the size of a small football field, is the gateway between the outside […]


Unlocking the Mystery: The Science Behind Diet Failures

After we had such great response to our first blog article Fad Diets Exposed, we realise the public is hungry for the truth. Here we share a section of Patrick Holford’s book The Low HL Diet Bible to shed more light on the subject. Why so many diets fail Dieting can be like negotiating a […]


Power Plate Celebrities

Our users include an array of experts from the medical, fitness and sports performance fields.


HYPOXI Therapy on Dubai One TV

The Out and About team from Dubai One TV visited the HYPOXI Therapy Studio to learn more about the benefits of HYPOXI Therapy from Allison Pickford.

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