Prevent Health Risks by Reducing Belly Fat

We all despise stubborn belly fat; our clothes just don’t fit right and it makes our favorite pair of jeans feel tight. For some, this may be nothing more than a slight nuisance, but science will tell you that there are more serious reasons you should be concerned about belly fat.

It is important to understand the two kinds of belly fat: subcutaneous fat, which is found beneath your skin — the kind that you can pinch with your own hands. Visceral fat, on the other hand, lies in your belly and builds up in the spaces between and around your internal organs such as the stomach and intestines, and this can be seriously harmful. Studies show that this lower layer of belly fat tends to produce more of a certain protein that encourages tumor growth and turns a non-cancerous cell into a cancerous one.

Apple-shaped individuals are at more risk

Those who tend to carry weight around their mid-section are at more risk of the dangers of having excess visceral fat. For women, a waist measurement of over 35 inches can be a cause for concern. While for men, it’s 40 inches or more. Even if your weight is considered normal for your height, if you find yourself needing a bigger pair of pants, it might be a sign that calls for a lifestyle change. One method of fat removal, which does not require plastic surgery, is the coolsculpting process from skin five that utilises freezing technology to help eliminate unwanted fat.

Even a modest weight loss can prevent the onset of health problems linked to excess abdominal fat such as diabetes, heart diseases, and certain cancers. Here are some small things that can make a huge difference:

  • Reduce your intake of sugar, carbs, and alcohol. You don’t need to completely cut these out of your diet, as that may end up being counterproductive than helpful. Start with making small changes in the amount of sugar, carbs, and alcohol that you consume and the difference might surprise you.
  • Eat your protein and vegetables. Protein in your diet helps curb your hunger and cravings. Observational studies also show that individuals who eat more protein tend to have less abdominal fat. The fiber in your vegetables also helps fight belly fat by decreasing the number of calories you absorb from food and it slows down your food as it passes through your digestive system.
  • Exercise regularly. Another way to reduce belly fat is through burning calories, and your body can’t do enough of this if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is known to help with not only weight loss, but also improve your mood and overall health.

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