Seven Easy Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

Water can be an acquired taste, so you may find it hard to go from drinking none to drinking 2 litres in the space of a few days. Like getting into any good habit, it makes sense to start incorporating small measures first then build up slowly to your goal.

  • Put a glass of water by your bed and drink it when you wake up.
  • Carry a 500ml bottle of water around to sip throughout the day (when you get used to this, you can refill half-way through the day and boost your intake to 1 litre).
  • Dilute fruit juices 50/50 with water
  • Make water more exciting by flavouring it with fresh lemon, lime, ginger, mint or have it hot as a herb or fruit tea.
  • Fruit and vegetables consist of around 90 per cent water. Two pieces of fruit and two servings of vegetables can provide 500ml of water (double that and you get a litre!).
  • When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water – thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Always have a glass of water with a coffee and two glasses of water with every alcoholic drink.