Slim Down After Losing Weight In Dubai With A Lipomassage Treatment

Making an effort to lose excess body weight takes a lot of work. First of all, you would need to overhaul your diet and eating habits. This could mean aiming to prepare more meals at home instead of eating out, and shopping for fresh ingredients every few days. A regular fitness regimen is also a must — the healthy goal, according to health experts, is to engage in at least 30 minutes of activity every day. And to support these efforts, you’ll also need to make relevant lifestyle changes — less smoking and drinking, making better food and activity choices when socializing, and generally adopting a mindset that is positive, wholesome, and beneficial to one’s health.


What most people find discouraging about their weight loss journey, however, is the realization that losing weight will not magically resolve all the issues they have with their body. For instance, they may have succeeded in losing weight through routine exercise and a changed diet, but they’ll be left with imperfections, like cellulite, loose skin, and other changes to their body’s texture brought about by the lost weight.


In this regard, taking matters into your own hands may not be enough to find the results you seek. What you need is help from lifestyle management centre specialists — like those from BodySmart — who can offer innovative treatment programs that can help improve the look and texture of your skin and further target any localized fat and imperfections. And one such treatment they recommend after losing weight in Dubai is Lipomassage.


What to expect

Lipomassage is a patented slimming technique that works to reactivate lipolysis or the fat release process in your body to erase the aforementioned localized fat. It also helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which help promote firmer, smoother skin.


This treatment is particularly helpful because fat storage, over time, becomes a natural process of the human body, and problems like cellulite or loose skin can be harder and harder to address. Lipomassage makes it easy, thanks to its scientifically developed protocols.


And what’s more, you won’t have to be anxious about undergoing treatment because Lipomassage is 100% pain free.


What are the options?


After a thorough examination of your body and an assessment of your aesthetic goals, the specialists over at BodySmart will then recommend a customized treatment program to suit your needs. The program may be founded on the following treatments:


Android Lipomassage Treatment

This slims down the upper body and targets the fat deposits in the arms, stomach, and waist.


Gynoid Lipomassage Treatment

If your problem lies in your thighs and saddlebags, this treatment can slim those parts down and address cellulite for better sculpted legs and buttocks.


Draining Aqueous Cellulite Treatment

This options breaks down fat deposits and redensifies skin to firm it up and reduce the orange-peel effect.


Firming and Contouring Treatment

This activates collagen and elastin production to redensify skin for a smoother feel and appearance, as well as a more toned figure.


Endermo Draining Treatment (Light Legs)

Your blood circulation gets a healthy boost, resulting in an immediate sensation of lightness and well-being.

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