Smartest Loser Amal talks about how easily she lost 13.5cm of fat with HYPOXI

Lower body fat is a common problem for ladies, thanks to hormones, lifestyle choices and genetic predispositions. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get rid of this stubborn fat.

It was no different for our Smartest Loser Amal, a 35-year-old housewife who constantly struggled with her weight and body shape. A pharmacist by background, she knows how important it is to get rid of fat around the belly. When she heard about BodySmart from her sister-in-law, Amal immediately booked her free trial and consultation at the BodySmart Umm Suqueim 2 branch.


With no idea of what to expect from HYPOXI, Amal imagined it to be very hard. “Soon after I started my combination course of Dermology & S120, I saw my body shape rapidly change & that is when I realized HYPOXI is actually the easiest exercise I have ever done!”


“My results are very satisfying. I lost 1kg and 13.5cm in just 6 sessions which is much more than I expected.” declares a happy Amal!
In 15 sessions, you can expect to lose up to 3kg and 25cm of stubborn fat &  smooth cellulite.

Simply put, by combining technology with gentle exercise, HYPOXI is a smart way to get the body shape you are after with quick 30 minute sessions.


Amal enjoys coming to BodySmart as she finds the staff ‘very friendly and super cooperative’. On her favourite thing about HYPOXI, Amal says “Firstly, I love that I lost so many centimetres. I enjoyed the Dermology as it feels like a pain-free and relaxing massage. It helped me boost the results of S120.” Used on its own, Dermology helps to improve the skin tone and texture with 20-minute sessions.


Amal feels a lot of difference after starting her Hypoxi journey. Not only does she feel lighter, but she is also more active than she was before. “I would love to continue my HYPOXI
sessions to continue losing more weight and cms.

Looking to kick-start your weight-loss journey with HYPOXI? Contact the studio nearest to you for a FREE TRIAL. Call 043638318 or visit

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