Slimming Massage – Dubai Clients Eliminate Fat The Natural And Painless Way

If your body has areas that just seem to be resistant to slimming efforts no matter the diet and exercise you engage in, then it’s time to try out a slimming massage. Dubai wellness experts have been extolling the virtues of Lipomassage with the use of an endermologie machine. This slimming technique basically reactivates the fat release process or lipolysis in order to eliminate localized fat and the visual imperfections it causes.

There should be a balance between the production and reduction of fat, which is promoted by a natural process including adipocytes or slimming cells. However, the body tends to increase the process of storing fat as it ages, so despite good health practices and lots of physical activity, people still manifest excess fat and cellulite.

Lipomassage is a treatment administered by an LPG Systems-trained and certified therapist. You basically lay yourself down on a bed or couch and the therapist applies the device to various targeted body parts with the areas of concentration usually including the arms, the tummy and waist, the thighs, the back, the chin, and other areas where cellulite tends to congregate. The mechanical stimulation essentially triggers natural biological responses such as the reactivation of lipolysis as well as that of collagen and elastin production.

The process doesn’t involve the use of creams or gels, but you will have to get suited in a body stocking for modesty and hygiene purposes. A lipomassage treatment program is natural and pain-free. It is also generally customized to suit your personal figure and beauty goals. Through this slimming massage, Dubai clients are able to trim down fat cells, smoothen cellulite, firm up the skin, and resculpt the figure.

Results may, of course, vary from case to case. Elements that may influence outcome are age, diet and other lifestyle factors. For visible results, it is best to take advantage of a complete treatment package that usually last 12 sessions at 35 minutes each. The massage also has other health benefits in the elimination of fatty acids and toxins in the body. Drinking lots of water is encouraged to help the flushing of the system along.

Lipomassage has a very high rate of success and clients have reported slimming results of up to 1.34 cm loss in areas targeted by treatment. If you’re at a loss as to what else you can do to get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite, you’re definitely due to give slimming massage a try.

Boost Your Confidence Through An LPG Body Treatment

You’ve banished your favorite foods from your diet and you perform your workout religiously. Why then, you might ask, are you still far from meeting your target results?

There are several reasons why people, no matter how diligently they stick to their diet and fitness plans, do not seem to gain the results they are after.

It might be that they have been doing the same workout over and over. The human body has the unique capability of adapting to exercise. The longer you perform an exercise routine, the lesser it becomes a challenge. The quick work-around here is to find another activity which will challenge your body.

On a related note, you may not be giving your body the challenge it needs to transform itself. Perhaps you are not putting enough weight on the barbell, or maybe you continue to run at the same pace. Add more weights or run at a slightly higher pace and you’ll give your body a tough challenge to overcome.

It is also possible that you are not giving yourself ample time to rest and recover. Remember, achieving your desired body entails not only attention to diet and exercise, but also toward recuperation. If you are continuously under stress and you lack sleep, you’re putting your hormones out of tune with your body.

If you have made the necessary adjustments to no avail, it might be time to consider an LPG body treatment which will aid your body in eliminating stubborn fat, especially in problem areas like the tummy, waist, arms and buttocks. LPG’s Lipomassage program works through the process of lipolysis which stimulates the release of fat while stimulating the production of both collagen and elastin. The end results include elimination of fat, reshaping the body, smoothening of cellulite, and getting firmer skin.

Treatment begins with an evaluation of the person’s current figure and future goals. From there, a customized program is developed. Depending on your initial evaluation, the following treatments may be recommended to you.

The Android Lipomassage targets fat deposits in the stomach, arms and waist. The Gynoid Lipomassage, on the other hand, focuses on the lower body, specifically the legs and the buns. Lipomassage Total Care is a full body treatment that makes the skin firmer and shapes the whole body. Cellulite Smooth treatment helps smooth unsightly cellulite and helps firm up the skin. Draining Aqueous Cellulite treatment also smoothens cellulite while stimulating draining. Firming and Contouring treatment stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which translates to a slimmer figure and smoother skin. And the Endermo Draining Treatment – Light Legs aids in stimulating blood circulation.