TAHITIAN NONI Juice – The story of the original superfruit

More than fifteen years ago, a food scientist from Utah named John Wadsworth received a package from a friend in Tahiti containing a sample of a fruit John had never heard of – a fruit that native Tahitians called ‘noni’.

Remarkably, at the same time, John was searching for potential natural foods or ingredients around which he could develop a new health supplement. With his curiosity aroused, he began to research more about this noni fruit. His initial findings supported previously published information from Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a scientist working in Hawaii who had made several meaningful discoveries regarding the noni plant. Not surprisingly, John felt he was on to something.

A Modern Discovery

Within a short time, John traveled to Tahiti, where he searched for and gathered any type of information he could find regarding noni. He spoke with numerous people on the street and in their homes, and he listened to innumerable accounts and stories illustrating the intriguing history and traditional health benefits of the remarkable noni fruit. John also sought out traditional health practitioners who had firsthand knowledge of the generations-old traditions that preserved the fruit’s ancient health secrets.

But it was evident that John’s vision of bringing noni to the world would face a substantial barrier. There didn’t seem to be enough noni trees in Tahiti to support a large commercial operation. Initially discouraged, but then motivated to overcome this obstacle, John faithfully set out to locate an abundant supply of noni fruit.

A visit to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia became one of John’s last options. His three-day search yielded nothing – until the day before he was to leave the island. Cresting a ridge on one side of yet another beautiful valley, the setting sun illuminated the broad, green leaves of what must have been thousands – or more – of noni trees. In a transcendent moment, John realized he had finally located the noni source he had been searching for.

A New Industry Emerges

In the moments that followed, much effort, faith, and trial and error were necessary to determine just how to transport noni from Tahiti to Utah while preserving its vital nutrients, finalizing a formulation, and working out the operational logistics of a seemingly overwhelming undertaking. The end result of John’s efforts and subsequent leadership was something never before seen in the network marketing world. TAHITIAN NONI Juice – the original superfruit beverage – was born, as well as an industry that revolved entirely around the noni fruit.

History of Noni & Traditional Benefits

The story of noni is an ancient one, as natives from Polynesia and beyond began utilizing the nutritional prowess contained in the noni fruit over two thousand years ago. People from Tahiti and various other Pacific Island cultures have employed noni for centuries as both a food staple and a support to their health. Honored traditions passed on for generations describe how noni could provide energy and vigor and support a person’s health.

Anecdotal and historical sources depict how virtually all island cultures used noni in a variety of ways, including eating the fruit and utilizing the skin, seeds, leaf, and fruit in several home recipes – teas, poultices, powders, and so forth – for a wide range of functions. The noni fruit was also held in high esteem by Tahuas, Kahunas, and other native island herbalists.

Noni also appears to have enjoyed widespread traditional use in other areas of the world, including Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and the Caribbean.


TAHITIAN NONI Juice, the original noni beverage product, is a high-quality health supplement that improves overall health and enhances quality of life.

Over 100 million bottles of TAHITIAN NONI Juice have been sold.

The original Superfruit. Before the launch of the original TAHITIAN NONI Juice, there was no such thing as a ‘superfruit’ product. Many companies have tried to duplicate TNI’s success with other so-called superfruit juices.

Safe and Premium-Grade. TAHITIAN NONI Juice meets the highest standards of quality assurance as it is tracked from tree to bottle. TNI’s products have also been tested for hundreds of toxins with no known positive results.

Supported by Centuries of Traditional Use. For over two thousand years, the people of Tahiti and other Polynesian cultures have considered the noni fruit a secret to good health. Its widespread use in traditional cultures is well documented.

Support by Science. TAHITIAN NONI Juice has been the subject of 13 human clinical trials to date, and it continues to be tested today. These trials were completed using TAHITIAN NONI Juice – most companies have science that supports the individual ingredients in their product, but none have as much clinical data supporting their finished product.

Numerous Patents. Tahitian Noni International has secured dozens of domestic and international patents pending concerning its products, the way they are produced, and the claims that can accompany those products.

TAHITIAN NONI Juice Key Benefits

Modern research confirms that some of the potential benefits of noni juice when consumed consistently.

Cardiovascular Support. A healthy heart is a primary concern in one’s overall health, and recently, a number of studies have demonstrated noni’s ability to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Cholesterol Friendly. Research indicates that drinking three to four ounces of TAHITIAN NONI Juice daily will help sustain cholesterol at existing normal levels. In fact, Dr. Mian-Ying Wang recently presented data at an American Heart Association-sponsored meeting demonstrating the benefits of TAHITIAN NONI Juice on cholesterol levels and in turn cardiovascular health in general.

Bolstered Immunity. Without a variety of daily nutrients, the body’s complex immune system won’t always function properly. Modern research shows that drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice, with its array of nutrients, can help support a healthy immune system.

Rich in Antioxidants. Vital to healthy living, antioxidants help boost the immune system and fight off harmful free radicals. TAHITIAN NONI Juice is scientifically proven to be a superior source of antioxidant compounds.

Increased Energy. In today’s hectic lifestyle, a common concern is lack of physical and mental energy. Almost two decades’ worth of studies indicate that drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice consistently increases both mental and physical energy in a natural and safe way.

Athletics and Sports Recovery. Numerous reports, including those from world-class athletes, suggest that TAHITIAN NONI Juice may assist in the recovery of sports exertion and discomfort.

Human Studies Confirm Ancient Wisdom

Many other products talk about the healthful properties of their ingredients. But whether or not these properties translate to benefits in their finished product is unknown. This is not the case with TAHITIAN NONI Juice. TNI has completed 13 human clinical trials on TAHITIAN NONI Juice, all of which demonstrate that it does indeed possess certain health-promoting qualities, including those discussed above.

Scientific Endorsements

‘Tahitian Noni International’s exclusive processing methods ensure that the healthful properties of noni are preserved to the end-product. TNI has a commitment to ongoing research and excellent quality control. TAHITIAN NONI Juice is the only noni product I recommend and endorse.’ Dr. Ralph Heinicke Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on noni, Dr. Heinicke has spent most of his life studying noni and its healthful properties. He continues that research today by working directly with the TNI lab to continue the research that he began over 40 years ago.

‘As a molecular biologist and an associate research scientist for Tahitian Noni International, I know why noni works for me. I am now studying the noni fruit from Monday to Friday every week throughout the whole year. I have discovered numerous amounts of potential health benefits of noni in which we have applied for patents from the United States and other countries in the world.

Because of TNI, I have some evidence to verify what my ancestors have said about noni. Their God-given knowledge has served to bless my life and others around the world. Tahitian Noni International is bringing to you the very best of what my ancestors can offer in terms of purity, potency, and authenticity in TAHITIAN NONI Juice. That is something that cannot be duplicated nor copied by competitors. That is a story worth telling to our children and those who will come after us.’ Afa Palu  Molecular Biologist, Associate Research Scientist at Tahitian Noni International.

Product Testimonials

‘TAHITIAN NONI Juice has revolutionized my life. I grew up in Jamaica where noni grows wild along the coastline and in the rural areas of the island. I grew up in a health conscious home where drinking noni was part of my daily routine, especially when I started running track. When I moved to the United States I was introduced to TAHITIAN NONI Juice by an Independent Product Consultant, and it tasted great! I knew how great noni is; great health is invaluable, and so I don’t place a price on my health.’ Isa Phillips Middle distance runner/400 meter hurdles. Winner of the 2007 NCAA Championships in the 400 meter hurdles.

‘I recently completed my fourth Disney Marathon, setting a personal-best time in the process. As an Independent Product Consultant for Tahitian Noni International, I am quick to credit TAHITIAN NONI Juice with helping me to accomplish such a tremendous feat. I drank two to four ounces every few miles. I feel like that’s what kept me going in the last half of the race. I also believe the juice continued to pay dividends after the race ended. I rolled right into work on Monday feeling great. If I wasn’t drinking the juice, I really believe it would have taken me a week to feel my best.

I continue to drink the juice and use other TNI products, all of which has helped me shed 50 pounds to get into marathon shape. The products from TNI has given me health, energy, and helped me keep the weight off for four years.’ Trish Bain TNI Independent Product Consultant since 1998.


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