The Hottest New Facial Treatments You Should Try Today

The quest for beauty is an age-old pursuit. The difference between now and then is that you have more options for treatment. There are natural concoctions you can try at home, sort of like the way the Egyptians did it with milk, honey, avocado, and aromatic oils. There are also facial treatments offered at spas and beauty centres, targeting a variety of skin types and using a combination of massages, creams, oils, and tools that slough off dead skin cells.

But the latest facial treatments will also use advanced technology to deliver radiant and younger skin. And here are just some of the hottest new facial treatments that use the latest in technology.

The LPG Endermolift
The Endermolift uses the MPF or Motorised Pulsating Flap patented technology. This incredible tool features a micro motor that delivers tissue stimulation and speedy flap pulsations that allow for targeted cell stimulation. The micro-beats delivered to the skin’s surface create natural production of elastin and collagen, so you’ll get firm, glowing, and younger-looking skin.

Endermolift sessions may also lighten dark circles, reduce eye bags (by 19 percent, a Humbert study has shown), and even reduce double chin. This facial treatment may also be used for neck and décolleté areas. Treatments will vary according to your needs; there are sessions as short as 15 minutes (for reviving dull complexions) and as long as 40 minutes (for the full anti-ageing treatment). The best part? The treatment is painless and non-invasive.

The At-Home Beauty Care Device
Upkeep can be a bother when you’re trying to get maximum results from your facial treatments. Instead of just bringing home the recommended skin care line, for your specific skin condition, you could bring home a Wellbox. The Wellbox makes use of LPG’s patented technologies. It’s great for facial and body care needs so basically you get the complete beauty care package in one nifty looking device. It’s an excellent investment if you happen to have very little time to book a facial with your preferred beauty and wellness centre.

As a tool for facial care, you can use the Wellbox to get an instant facial lift before you head out for a date or a fun night out with friends. The device targets sagging skin and reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles. It can improve blood circulation, leaving you with soft and radiant skin. It also delivers smoothing action, which will give you that youthful, supple facial skin you’ve always dreamed about.