Vibrating Weight Loss Machine – How They Work

Guy in a Plain White T-ShirtYou might have already seen those vibrating machines being demonstrated in malls. You might have also seen them being featured on Shopping TV or on various cable channels. They have many different kinds that show weight loss improvement on specific body parts. Despite its prominence and claims, however, there is a question we all have been dying to ask: DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK?

There is science to a vibrating weight loss machine. The secret to its magic relies heavily on an element called “g-force,” a type of acceleration that indirectly produces or triggers weight loss. It is because of this attribute of physics that muscle cells are able  to burn calories even without the person using the machine moving. See, the small muscles in the body contract more than they normally do, while the tendons and ligaments stretch farther than usual, causing more tension amongst the muscles. Such phenomenon occurs because the body adjusts constantly to the motion, working out the muscles that were stagnant and passive.

According to studies, there are other benefits that a vibrating weight loss machine can provide to its users, and one of them is enhanced flexibility. It is the ability of one’s body to bend, stretch, and take a form without damaging bones, tissue, and muscles. Another fitness component that is boosted by such weight loss tool is strength, the capacity to overcome the most resistance by exerting force. It is, on the other hand, the skill that allows you to carry or lift objects with power. Lastly, balance is a very useful capability in performing everyday tasks, which can also be developed with the use of a vibrating weight reduction machine.

Although using a vibrating weight loss machine is a very effective way of maintaining or pulling off a sexy and physically fit body, it should still be aided with proper diet and enough exercise. Yes, calories are eliminated while using the device, but like any other weight loss machine, you can reach optimum results if you mash it up with a little aerobic routine. What makes exercising have twice the effect when done with such apparatus is the fact that working out with an unstable force moving your body increases muscle use. Your body struggles to keep stability, exerting more effort than it usually does when exercising in a steady state.

A vibrating weight loss machine can be focused on the arms, but there are also ones that concentrate their effects on the legs, torso, and even the whole body. There are now vibrating weight loss platforms, too, which work by being stepped on. The user needs to have both feet planted on the vibrating surface, allowing the machine to activate muscle cells all over his or her body. Depending on which body part the device is being applied to, the user can calibrate and choose which section of the body is improved.

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