Move Past Your Weight Loss Plateau With LPG Slimming

Your fitness training regimen may currently be labelled as physical punishment, and you’ve exercised every manner of restraint to keep yourself away from unhealthy food. But despite all these, the needle on the weighing scale has stopped moving.

Anyone who has tried losing weight knows that the joy of shedding a significant amount of body weight will be inevitably followed by a plateau. While hitting a plateau can be quite discouraging even if you have made significant progress toward reaching your goals, it is but a natural part of weight loss.

Fitness plateaus can be attributed to several factors. First is muscle loss. About 25 percent of the weight you lose through diet and exercise is composed of muscle tissue. Now, muscle tissue loss can lower your metabolic rate, which explains the marginal gains from your diet and exercise plans.

Another theory proposed by scientists is the set point theory. According to the set point theory, the human body naturally maintains a specific weight. Simply put, if you cannot move past a certain weight, it means that you have reached your body’s comfort zone.

As you progress further into a diet or exercise plan, your nutritional needs may change or you may have to exert more physical effort in order to further lose weight. Other factors that may lead to a weight loss plateau are pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal problems, medication, menopause and even cheating on a diet.

If you have been dieting and exercising diligently and yet you have been netting marginal gains, your will power may be at a low. Will power is a finite resource that gets depleted. You can push past your plateau and continue on, quit entirely on your diet and training, or you can opt for LPG slimming to help eliminate stubborn fat in problem areas while giving you a boost in confidence.

Lipomassage slimming is specifically designed to remove stubborn excess fat that dieting and exercising simply cannot eliminate. Through the use of independent motorised rollers, it eliminates fat, revitalises blood and lymphatic circulation and even firms up loose skin.

Lipomassage benefits a diverse number of men and women, including: those who cannot get rid of fat deposits in problem areas like thighs and the belly despite their efforts to exercise regularly and eat healthy food; those who experience hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty or menopause; individuals who have lost weight and want to tighten their skin; and those who want quick results without resorting to invasive treatments.