What is zest4life?

zest4life is an exciting new and powerful weight loss process designed to motivate you to change and improve your body, your health, and your well-being permanently and safe under the guidance of a trained and qualified Nutritional Therapist and Weight Loss Coach. Coaches run 1o week motivational group programmes which you attend for 2 hours per week as one of approximately 15 clients. (One to one consultations are also available.)

The zest4life process was developed by a team of experts including Patrick Holford (one of Britain’s most respected Nutritionists) to fill the need for a more intelligent and healthy approach with better long term results. We added in the vital ingredient of motivational weight loss coaching to help clients set goals, overcome emotional eating and barriers to success, and stay motivated to reach their objectives and really change their lives.

What is coaching and why is this part of the programme so important?

“Coaching bridges the gap between dreaming about what you want and achieving what you want”

Motivation is a major part of the zest4life programme. Without the right level of motivation, it is very difficult for clients to succeed. All our motivational weight loss coaching tools are unique to zest4life and research shows that clients are up to 80% more likely to succeed if they set weekly goals and progress trackers and make a commitment to stick to them with a trained motivational coach. So without this valuable part of the programme, something that is unique to zest4life, you are already compromising your chances of success.

What is the eating plan and what is good about it?

You will follow Patrick’s delicious and easy to follow, gourmet low GL diet which has proven in many trials to be twice as effective as low calorie, low fat diets. Patrick is the top expert in losing weight in the way the body was designed to do.

70% of people are overweight and confused by the myriad of fad diets and conflicting information in books and magazines. We provide you with the opportunity to re-learn how to eat properly and healthily – in a way you can continue for the rest of their lives. You will learn what foods you can and can’t eat, how often and how much. You should never feel hungry with any eating plan, or suffer from cravings or energy dips. Following a low GL diet banishes all of these common setbacks. You will be re-setting your body from a fat storing machine to a fat burning machine and this takes only 30 days to do.

At zest4life we will show you step by step how to achieve amazing results with this programme and feel better than you have done in years. Client weight loss results are commonly 12-15 lbs within 5 weeks, with significant improvements in a range of health areas such as energy, digestion, mood, concentration, skin, hair, cholesterol, body fat percentage plus many others.

On many diets you are simply reducing your metabolic rate which is why the weight piles back on again. Trials show that this does not happen when following a low GL diet making it much more likely that weight loss is maintained.

Many people have very low energy levels which often reduce even further when following any weight loss diet. The first thing we do at zest4life is to balance your blood sugar to raise your energy levels so you feel better, look better and have more energy for exercise – essential if you are to reach your goals.

Because zest4life programmes are run by, or with the support of fully qualified nutritional therapists we can make sure you get the right support ; you may have other health issues that need to be addressed – sometimes these can be the reason available to you to identify problem areas and take the appropriate action. This is why our clients report such significant health improvements as well as significant weith loss results when attending a zest4life group programme.

Are you interested in learning about nutrition?

The zest4life programme is also an introductory course in nutrition for those people who are interested in this fascinating subject. Learn about foods that heal, avoiding diabetes, avoiding Alzheimer’s, bone health, how to have glowing skin, the best anti-aging advice plus many more topics – all delivere by professional informative powerpoint presentations with easy to follow advice.

Groups numbers are always restricted so that you get the personal attention and individual dietary advice and recommendations you need to really make a difference to your health, your body, your looks and your confidence.

Your health is the best investment you could possibly make. Benefit from the support of a team of experts at a fraction of the usual cost for consultations.

This is intelligent weight loss for people who are serious about losing weight and improving their health and are ready to commit and take action now.

Why does it cost more than weight watchers or slimming world?

You are benefiting from the knowledge, training and expertise of a professional – every zest4life programme is run by nutritional therapists and weight loss coaches. This is essential if you are to be given the ‘right’ advice and support.

Seeing a Nutritional Therapist or Weight Loss Coach costs on average AED400 per hour. But by attending a zest4life group programme clients can receive the same level of expert advice, guidance and support for only AED50 per hour.

zest4life programmes provide a unique combination of nutritional therapy education and motivational weight loss coaching to ensure you achieve the best results possible – all in a fun and stimulating group environment.

This is the opposite of queuing to be weighed an then going home. All our clients stay for the whole session – its an entirely new concept with the emphasis on learning and then taking action – that’s what makes it work so well.

Typical client results when attending a zest4life programme

  • Weight loss of up to 19lbs in 6 weeks
  • Reduced body fat and increased lean tissue
  • Dramatically increased energy levels
  • Greater self confidence and body image
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better memory, concentration and alertness
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Improved mood and feelings of well-being

zest4life is a motivational weight loss coaching programme, where clients achieve much more than just weight loss

zest4life in Dubai by Kathleen Farren

She fulfilled her ambition of becoming a Nutritional Therapist in 2001, having studied a 3 year Diploma Course at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London (ION), founded by Patrick Holford. Before coming to Dubai, she ran a successful clinic in London and coached the final year nutrition students at the Institute. She has also developed her knowledge in Neurolinguistic Programming and Altearah Colour Therapy, as additional tools to help her in her nutritional coaching. She leads regular zest4life programmes in Dubai and writes articles on nutrition for Explorer and Aquarius magazines.

Kathleen Farren


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