“Hypoxi is very effective and easy to target stubborn fat” says SMARTEST LOSER SAAD


Modern day existence has led many of us to lead an increasingly inactive routine. Of course, the older we get, the more likely it is for us to lapse into a sedentary lifestyle. An easy way to get over this is to focus on getting active for only 30 minutes daily 3 times a week.

Meet Saad, a 52 year old banker in Dubai. His desk job and sedentary lifestyle only made it more difficult for him to lose weight and keep the inches off. Knowing that this could lead to several health conditions combined with a desire to lose his waistline, Saad researched on quick and natural solutions to lose his belly fat. That’s when he found out HYPOXI and booked his free HYPOXI trial session at the nearest branch.


“I found my HYPOXI trial session to be very effective and easy. If losing my belly fat only involved walking briskly on the treadmill with a Vacunaut pressure suit, I was definitely ready. ” Saad affirms. He immediately signed up for a course of VACUNAUT to target his stubborn fat with just 30 minutes sessions.


Saad lost an amazing 5.4 kg and 13 cm in just 13 sessions. “I feel a lot lighter and have more energy than ever before thanks to the combination of HYPOXI’s disciplines and technology based exercise” he added.



“It is a very positive environment and as you can see, my results are phenomenal in a short span of time. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable which helped me in my journey.” Saad declares that the best thing about HYPOXI is that it is completely natural, non-invasive and pain free.


While Hypoxi is 3x more effective at targeted fat burning, some individuals may have a long term body goal. “I will definitely continue my HYPOXI sessions to reduce another 5kg.” concludes a determined Saad.

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