HYPOXI® – The right solution for every problem

HYPOXI® solutions include targeted fat loss in the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh regions, up to 3 times greater than that achieved with conventional exercise; marked improvement in skin tone and texture; increased fat metabolism; improved circulation; lymph drainage; cellulite reduction; and a feeling of rejuvenation.

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Slim legs and buttocks

Effective exercise as opposed to a hard workout

HYPOXI® doesn’t require a rigorous training session in order to get your legs and buttocks into great shape. All that is required to reach your goals faster is an easy training session on a stationary bike where you train in the fat burning zone. In order to shape your body, it is essential to activate blood flow in the desired regions. This is why HYPOXI® requires your lower half to be enclosed within a vacuum chamber during exercise. In this chamber, the therapy is applied in order to stimulate circulation in the problem areas. As a result, fat and toxins are removed from the stimulated tissue.
The desired result: slim legs and buttocks.

A flat stomach

It is possible without sit-ups

Exhausting sit up sessions are now a thing of the past. The results achieved with HYPOXI’s Vacunaut® are beyond those ever achieved with conventional cardio training. The series of chambers within the HYPOXI-PressureSuit apply alternating high and low pressure to the stomach area. This unique action significantly stimulates circulation in the problem area around the abdominals. HYPOXI® Training is applied during moderate cardio training on a treadmill to ensure that you stay within the fatburning zone. Through the unique combination of therapy and training, the Vacunaut® literally burns the fat from the targeted stomach and hip region.

Smooth and beautiful skin

Train your skin

Your skin needs to be exercised in order to remain elastic and smooth. HYPOXI® Pressure Suit provide the ultimate means to train the skin. The integrated chambers within the suit apply high and low pressure to the skin around the problem areas. As a result, the connective tissue in these regions is gently stretched and compressed in the same way a muscle is trained. The effects of HYPOXI® Dermology can be felt after just 20 minutes and visible results can be achieved after just a few sessions.

** Disclaimer: Results will vary according to client’s body type, physiology and fitness goals