Frequently asked questions about LPG

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Where and how do I start with LPG?
Your first step is to book a FREE TRIAL at BodySmart. Your LPG free trial includes a complimentary consultation in order for an LPG Coach to assess your needs and goals. You will then receive a trial session LPG which is a great opportunity for you to learn more about how LPG works and feels before committing to a full course.

Is LPG safe? Are there any side effects?
With over 30 years of expertise and scientific research, LPG’s technology targets and slims specific areas of the body resistant to diet and exercise (arms, back, stomach, waist, thighs, etc.) while precisely adapting to the needs of each type of skin. It improves your natural beauty without the use of injections or scalpels, thus it is 100% non invasive and natural with no risk or side effects.

How does LPG feel? Will it hurt?
LPG is non-invasive and pain-free. Many clients describe the LPG treatment as a relaxing deep massage and find that they feel lighter, more relaxed and energized after their LPG treatment.

How much does LPG cost?
Pricing depends on your requirements and the LPG package that you purchase. We offer all LPG protocols as well as customized packages to suit individual needs. For more information on the courses and membership packages offered for LPG, click here.

How long does an LPG session last?
Most LPG treatments last an average of about 35 minutes. We offer 10 minutes Express Endermolift treatments for the face, perfect for a quick visit during lunch hour.

How many sessions of LPG do I need? How soon can I expect to see results?
While individual results may vary based on age, lifestyle and other factors, most clients start to see results in just 6 sessions. However, it is recommended that you complete 12 sessions to see the results to its full extent.

Can I lose weight from LPG?
While LPG can definitely help you lose some inches in circumferential body measurements, it is not a replacement for healthy nutrition and regular exercise. If weight loss is your goal, you can achieve phenomenal results by combining your LPG treatments with some form of physical activity such as HYPOXI or EMS.

What should I wear during my LPG treatment?
You are required to wear a special bodysuit called Endermowear that covers the entire body and makes it easier for rolls to slide, optimizes the quality of the treatment and ensures privacy and hygiene at the same time. Endermowear suit is provided by BodySmart for your trial session. Thereafter, we recommend you purchase your own Endermowear for hygiene reasons.

Are there any special requirements that I have to follow BEFORE and AFTER my LPG treatment?
There are no strict rules with LPG. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after your session to flush out toxins.

Does LPG treatment work on men?
Yes, definitely. LPG offers various aesthetic and anti-aging solutions for men as well. While cellulite is uncommon among men, LPG is especially effective around the chest, tummy and love handles.

I had recently undergone a surgery/liposuction/tummy Tuck. Can I still use LPG?
Depending on the type of surgery you had and the course of LPG treatment you want, you may still use LPG on areas not affected by the surgery. However, in general, it is recommended that you wait at least 6 months or until your wounds have healed before getting an LPG treatment.

In the case of liposuction or tummy tuck, plastic surgeons often recommend LPG draining treatments 2 weeks after surgery for lymphatic drainage. If in doubt, we recommend you speak to a medical professional.

I am pregnant. Can I still use LPG?
Yes, only after you finish your first trimester. However, your LPG treatment may be limited to draining to treat heavy leg and water retention problems caused by the pressure of the uterus on the surrounding blood vessels.

I had just given birth. Can I still use LPG?
LPG helps you get your pre-baby figure back. In order to benefit from the treatments, wait until your period has resumed (two regular cycles) after childbirth.

After a C-section, it is also important that you have no open wounds. Our experienced LPG Coaches will perform a simple evaluation before starting your treatment.

I am breastfeeding. Can I still use LPG?
Yes, you can. While LPG treatments will have no side effects on the production of breastmilk, breastfeeding may impact your results slightly due to hormonal changes.

I have breast implants. Can I still use LPG?
Yes, definitely. LPG treatment for women does not include the chest area, so it should not be a problem for those who have breast implants.

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