“Find your motivation with HYPOXI and give it your best”, Smartest Loser Julia

Do you feel like you have reached a point in life where you are so low on confidence that you dislike every picture taken of yourself? Have you stopped living your life because you feel so out of shape in every outfit that you wear? Meet Julia Dempster, our Smartest Loser who is a busy mom of an 11-year-old & owner of an interior design studio for hotels and palaces.

One afternoon in January, she was out for lunch with friends and felt she looked bloated in every picture. Looking back at her resolution to make a change in 2018, she knew right then that this is the time to make a lifestyle change and build back her confidence.


Julia was in Beauty Connection Spa when she came across some adverts for a free trial of HYPOXI‘s gentle and effective exercise.  She did a lot of research on the BodySmart website and saw testimonials of amazing results and decided to give it a try.

“The results speak for themselves. HYPOXI burns fat 3x quicker than if I was exercising. Like for everyone in Dubai – time is precious, so if I can do something in 30 minutes that does not require hard work and reduces inches, it is a great thing!”

The added bonus?  “I get 20 minutes of relaxation time laying down on the HDC and reflect on things that have happened throughout the day and 30 minutes of exercise on the S120 targets my stubborn fat. My hair doesn’t even get wet and I don’t sweat excessively.”



After only 14 sessions, Julia lost 4.2 kgs and 26 cms.

Julia now fits into her favorite pair of jeans which she wasn’t able to wear for the past 2 years. “The cms lost for me is actually amazing! I have lost more than 26 cms from my problem areas in addition to my bra area and arms, which means my results are much greater!”


Julia’s advice to all those looking to gain their confidence back is to find their motivation and give it their all. “There is no point in doing HYPOXI half heartedly so I have made simple changes to my lifestyle. I now drink lots of water, have cut out on take aways, processed foods, fruit juices & alcohol which also helps me sleep so much better”


It is important to keep going until you reach your goal. “I want to be able to lose another 9kgs to get to my target weight.”, says Julia, who has about 10 weeks to go before she meets her mom in Los Angeles in July. “I would love to surprise her when I walk out of the airport wherein she won’t recognize me.”


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