The Best Cellulite Treatment and Everything You Need to Know About It

Dimples aren’t always cute, especially when they are not located on the face but on other parts of the body. Cellulite, as it is commonly called, is  areas of small dents on the skin produced by normal fat. Though it is a widely used term to refer to the condition, it is not exactly what is recognized as the scientific name. In medical terms, it is called adiposis edematosa, gynoid lipodystrophy, or dermopanniculosis deformans. It causes imperfection on anyone’s smooth admirable skin; thus, pushing people to actually remove it through the best cellulite treatment.


Before digging deep to the best cellulite treatment procedure, however, you need to know the fundamentals about it first. What are the things that cause cellulite and how do you prevent it? Medical studies suggest that one of the most influential factors that trigger cellulite is hormonal imbalance. Records show that the larger percentage of those who suffer from such a condition fall under the female gender. Although there are males who experience cellulite and that there is no reliable evidence to support the claim that females are more prone to cellulite, hormones such as insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin were proven to have great effects on cellulite.


Another factor that medical experts are looking at when it comes to having cellulite is genetics. Those who have the condition may have inherited it from their parents or their parents’ parents. There are specific genes that are needed to complete the formula of cellulite formation. Such genes that are passed from generation to generation may also help develop cellulite the same way as people have the same race, metabolism rate, and circulatory deficiency.


Diet, on the other hand, somehow causes cellulite as well. As a matter of fact, body contouring or the best cellulite treatment specialists inquire about their patients’ diet before engaging in the actual procedure. Those who consume fat, carbohydrates, and salt excessively are common cellulite targets. Those who only take in small amounts of fiber are of great risk as well.


Lastly, your lifestyle can significantly affect the probability of your having cellulite too. Too much smoking is one thing that can activate cellulite, so is not having regular exercise. Those who wear clothes that somehow intervene with the flow of blood in your body may also be a reason for you to have cellulite. Now that you have learned the causes of cellulite, it’s time to get a little technical.


While some use highly concentrated radiofrequency to treat cellulites, the best cellulite treatment involves body contouring. It is the process of stretching, reforming, and transferring excess skin from particular sections of the body to other body parts. It also includes application of anesthetics and an incision stage where excess fats or skin will be removed. It is often divided into several different sessions, each focusing on a specific body part. The lower thighs, arms, and abdomen are the spots where the treatments are normally practiced.


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