Beating The Holiday Binge

Bring your Good Habits on your holidays!

 Going on holiday? Well, have a great time! Just keep in mind that even when you’re travelling, you can keep your healthy eating habits intact and lose pounds… or maintain your healthy weight!

Of course, if you’re travelling, you’re going to have to be creative and smart about your choices. You will probably be dining out a lot – perhaps all your meals will come from restaurants. So now is the time to prepare to succeed, because knowledge is power.

First, modify your goals. Holiday time is not the time to diet, but it doesn’t mean you should forget all the good habits you’ve learned. Making healthy choices wherever you go is the secret to staying slim. You’ve developed these healthy habits, so have fun.

Or maybe you’re tempted to go for broke – you only go on holiday once a year, after all. But ask yourself – do you really want to come home with all your hard work undone? Do you want to start your weight loss from scratch all over again? That holiday excess could leave you with another kind of holiday hangover – on your hips! So ask yourself – is it really worth it? A few simple and smart choices can make all the difference…


  • Plan ahead (of course, that’s why you are reading this).
  • Learn about food substitutions. Eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to miss out – just make smart replacements. A large magnum at around 300 calories, swap for a water ice lolly around 75-100 calories.
  • No people pleasing. Eat only what you want, not as an obligation to others for cooking your favourite dish. You are the one who will have to live with your decision. Others may actually respect you more for standing up for yourself.
  • Practice assertiveness skills so you can refuse foods or activities without feeling guilty or hurting others’ feelings.
  • Choose to eat healthily ahead of time. Be prepared especially on long journeys. Have plenty of healthy snacks and lots of water on hand and also a good read to keep boredom at bay and mindless eating.
  • No skipping meals. Being overly hungry can result in loss of control and a binge at meal time. Keep to your normal regular eating pattern.
  • Smaller portions. Allow yourself to taste what you want in smaller portions so you don’t feel deprived. Healthy eating is not punishment so don’t set yourself up for a binge by depriving yourself of your favourites. You’ll only resent it.
  • Visualise yourself eating healthily prior to going to your holiday family event.
  • Be conscious of what you are doing and eating.
  • Chew slowly and enjoy your food. Put your fork down between each bite.
  • Check out the local shops and markets and try new fruit and vegetables and other local specialties that are healthy and different from the norm.
  • Exercise a little longer and a little harder during your holidays. This will burn off the extra calories, keep your metabolism revved and help you beat stress. Use every opportunity to walk more, it all adds up. Don’t forget to pack your exercise gear!
  • No guilt. Make a conscious effort to choose what you are eating without the guilt attached.
  • Stop eating when you are physically full. Start learning now to recognise the difference between physical and emotional hunger.
  • Manage your emotions. Have a plan for what you will do in the event strong emotions arise when faced with certain situations or family members. Don’t follow a row with a trip to the biscuit tin.
  • Plan to wear the same snug fitting outfit on your outbound trip as on your inbound journey. Pack only clothes that fit you snuggly not a larger size for the second half of your holiday.
  • Know that putting on a couple of pounds will NOT cause you to go back to square one. It’s okay!
  • Resume your lifestyle of balance and wellness just after the holiday has passed.
  • Travel tips and how to eat healthful on a plane

There are plenty of temptations on the road to divert you from your diet – but with some planning, you can stay committed.

  • Avoid “road food” if you can bring along your own food on trips that is healthy.
  • Give airlines 24 hours notice and order a special meal if your flying- you can usually select from a variety of foods.
  • Keep yourself busy to avoid excess snacking. Walk the magazine isles. Anticipating long lines, bring a book
  • Walk whenever you can – not only can you get exercise while travelling, but you can also catch more sights this way.
  • Bring an energy bar or some other meal replacement in case the in-flight meal is a travesty or your flight is delayed.
  • Eat in the airport if you don’t want to entrust your airline with your culinary fate. Large airports have the usual variety of fast-food franchises, so pick what you know to be the most healthful.
  • Follow any alcohol or caffeine consumption with plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.


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