Fat Burning Training – The HYPOXI Method

Fatty tissue serves as a vital protective and storage organ within the human body, offering insulation, cushioning, and energy reserves. However, when an excess of fat accumulates, it transitions from being a necessity to posing potential health risks and aesthetic concerns that require diligent attention and care.

Our body’s cross muscles, also known as voluntary muscles, possess the unique ability to directly metabolize fat. However, this process is optimized under specific conditions, including low-intensity, consistent movement, adequate oxygen supply, and sufficient exercise duration. It is within these parameters that the HYPOXI method operates, ensuring optimal fat-burning efficacy for its clients.

Continuous medical research conducted at HYPOXI Headquarters in Austria aims to refine and enhance treatment protocols, maximizing results for clients. Studies have conclusively demonstrated that a 30-minute duration yields the most efficient fat-burning outcomes. Master Trainer Gabriela Baumann underscores this, noting that post-exercise consumption (PEC) remains elevated for a longer duration following a 30-minute workout, with the majority of clients experiencing optimal results with this duration.

During HYPOXI sessions, the body’s metabolic response is finely tuned, with fat utilization for energy increasing steadily throughout the 30-minute workout. Even after the session concludes, the body continues to utilize stored fat as an energy source for several hours. However, consuming carbohydrates within this window shifts the body’s energy utilization away from fat and towards carbohydrates. To maintain the fat-burning process, a carb curfew of four hours post-session is advised, during which protein, non-starchy vegetables, and slow-releasing (complex) carbohydrates are recommended.

In response to emerging research findings, HYPOXI has adjusted its Vacunaut sessions from 40 minutes to 30 minutes, based on observed improvements in client outcomes. This shift aligns with the studio’s commitment to delivering optimal results for every client. At Bodysmart, our ethos revolves around being results-driven, ensuring that each individual achieves their weight loss goals effectively and efficiently. With this dedication to excellence, we strive to empower our clients to embark on successful journeys towards improved health and well-being.

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