“Following the HYPOXI Disciplines has helped me achieve quicker fast loss results” – Smartest Loser Maria


Active living and healthy nutrition are the foundation for a happier life. Yet, most women struggle with those notoriously troubled areas around the belly or the hips, bottom, and thighs. HYPOXI – your ‘fat burning personal trainer’, helps keep those areas in check to get you in your very best shape.

Meet Maria, a 42-year-old working as a Financial Services Director and a yoga addict! Yet, despite several hours of yoga sessions a week, she confesses to struggling with stubborn fat around her belly that just won’t budge.



When Maria saw her 59 year old yoga instructor had dropped 3 dress sizes in a very short span of time, she couldn’t believe her eyes! She asked her about her secret and immediately walked in to BodySmart to book her free HYPOXI trial and consultation.

“I found HYPOXI to be extremely easy and loved how informative and supportive the team was during my trial. Knowing that I was in safe hands, I signed up for a course of Vacunaut the very same day.” affirms Maria. Vacunaut is the perfect solution to those people having a hard time burning their belly fat.


Maria lost an amazing 4.1kg and 18cm in only 14 sessions.  For many men and women, belly fat is the hardest to lose and keeping up with a strict diet is almost impossible.

The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you ingest and dropping the amount of alcohol you drink can help lower your calorie intake further and help you get in shape quicker. While Vacunaut helps to target 60-80% of the fat around the belly and love handles, there are certain disciplines to be followed for optimum results.

I cut down on my alcohol and make sure I do not eat post 8pm. This has definitely helped me speed up my fat loss results.”



I have never come across any form of exercise that is so effective at targeting fat from the hard to budge areas of my body. HYPOXI is great as well as the team that helps me stay on track at every single session”


Maria knows that weight loss is not an overnight feat. “I have a long-term goal to lose 6-8kgs more. So I will definitely continue with my HYPOXI sessions until I reach my ideal weight”.

Working 1 on 1 with an HYPOXI-coach will take you to the next level. To start your targeted fat loss journey by booking your FREE TRIAL now. Call 043638318 or visit

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