How HYPOXI® Works

HYPOXI® is revolutionary because it is the first scientifically developed treatment proven to manipulate the body’s own circulatory patterns to accelerate fat loss in targeted areas of the body.

HYPOXI’s founder, Dr Norbert Egger, recognised that if he could stimulate blood flow to a specific region of the body, he could accelerate the rate at which fatty acids were metabolized in that region. He also acknowledged that physical activity is critical to burning fat. Dr Egger and his team of physicians therefore set about to create a device which coupled exercise with a therapy which could increase blood flow to certain parts of the body.


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Circulation promotes fat burning

Put simply, fat burns more readily in the parts of the body that have strong blood circulation than in those with poor blood supply. This fact explains why many of us find it difficult to eliminate fat and cellulite from certain areas of our body despite a strict diet and extensive training. Blood is the means of transporting fatty acids during exercise. This is why the state of our circulatory system is so critical. Fat tends to deposit and is very difficult to eliminate in areas where circulation is poor.

Feel the difference with HYPOXI®

You can determine the strength of your blood supply to certain areas of your body by conducting a simple test. After 30 minutes of exercise, touch the skin around your legs, buttocks, hips, stomach and chest. You will notice that some areas feel warm, while others remain cold. The cooler the skin’s surface, the poorer the blood supply is to the tissue in that area, which in turn suggests it will be harder to burn fat there. This is how the patented HYPOXI® Training works – it strongly stimulates blood circulation in these problem areas.

The three elements of HYPOXI® Training

Vacuum Treatment

Vacuum treatment is similar to the ancient technique of cupping in that certain areas of the body are stimulated through the application of low pressure. It is used by celebrities such as Robbie Williams, and has been proven to accelerate abdominal fat loss in men and women.

Compression Therapy

During compression therapy, high pressure is applied to the tissue. This method is common in the treatment of varicose veins and can effectively be used in areas of weak connective tissue.

Fat Burning Exercise

Moderate training has the effect of stimulating the transport of fatty acids, thereby promoting fat metabolism. The reclining L250 employs gravity to help stimulated the transport of fatty acids out of the problem areas and promote elimination of toxins.

Targeted fat burning

HYPOXI® targets undesired fat deposits through the unique combination of pressure alternating therapy and moderate fat burning activity. Alternating high and low pressure activates the tissue in those areas of the body where stubborn fat is located. The change in pressure effectively stimulates blood flow and accelerates the transport of fatty acids from these regions. The result is a targeted and long lasting centimeter reduction from the problematic areas.

Firm your skin

HYPOXI® has uniquely combined vacuum and compression methods to create a new and effective means of improving the texture of the skin. During treatment, the skin is gently pulled and then slowly pushed back to its normal state. Through this gentle movement, the tissue is trained – just like a muscle. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

** Disclaimer: Results will vary according to client’s body type, physiology and fitness goals

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