Losing Stubborn Baby Weight with the Experts at BodySmart Polyclinic

As some of us already know, pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure. 27 year old Sasha Connor experienced just that 2 years ago with the birth of her second child Daniel, a short 2 years after giving birth to her first born son Ivan.

Having always been a curvy girl who enjoyed swimming and playing tennis to stay fit, Sasha added 16 kilos to her 64 kilo frame while pregnant with Ivan. She was able to lose 7 kilos after giving birth but struggled with the remaining 9 kilos. Her busy first year of motherhood flew by and before she knew it, Sasha was pregnant with her second child. “During my first pregnancy, I had this common misconception that I had to eat for 2 and of course gave in to all my cravings. For my second pregnancy I tried to eat healthier, but it didn’t help that I was still carrying around the baby weight from my first pregnancy.” Sasha gained an additional 15 kilos while pregnant with Daniel. Her previously hourglass figure had transformed into an apple shape, with the weight accumulating around her midsection.

6 months after giving birth to Daniel, and having had not much luck losing weight with her usual tennis and swimming routine, Sasha decided to visit BodySmart with a friend to have a complimentary trial and consultation. Her HYPOXI coach recommended a combination of HYPOXI, Vacunaut & LPG Lipomassage treatments to target the fat burning around her mid section. During her Vacunaut sessions, she wore an airtight neoprene suit similar to a scuba diving outfit while walking on a treadmill at a moderate pace, keeping within her fat burning maximum heart rate zone. The gentle vacuum and compression of the suit increased the circulation and blood flow to her problem areas, which in return burned 80% of her fat around her mid section. The LPG treatments, conducted by a highly trained LPG coach, complimented the HYPOXI sessions by using specialized rollers and a vacuum to manually stimulating the fat deposits, resulting in the break down and reduction of fat around her stomach, waist and arms. Her HYPOXI coach also helped her change her eating habits which was an important factor in her weight-loss journey. Sasha managed to cut out all sugar and switched to a balanced diet high in lean protein, vegetables,, fruit and whole grains.

To date, Sasha has lost 15.6 kilos and a total of 65.6 centimeters from her waist, stomach and hip area. She has more energy to chase after the little ones and has reshaped her body to a beautiful hourglass figure.

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