LPG: Dubai Residents’ Secret To Beauty And Wellness

Over time, due to aging and hormonal changes, the body’s cells become dormant and this can lead to several problems including loose skin, cellulite and stubborn fat deposits in the thigh, buttocks and the tummy. If you are facing these woes, you have probably seen the whole gamut of products and advice geared to solve these. Some have a high price while others are painful and invasive. Diet and exercise, on the other hand, require a great amount of effort and will power.

However, none of these are truly as effective as the treatments developed by LPG. Dubai residents who have tried many products, treatments and other schemes will be glad to know about LPG’s suite of treatments which operate on the principle of reactivating deep dormant cellular activity through the mechanical stimulation of the scheme — a painless and non-invasive alternative to other products and services out in the market.

The Endermolift treatment boasts of being one of the most targeted, rapid and effective anti-ageing treatments suitable for men and women of all ages. It utilises the only available technique in the world that stimulates the synthesis of hyraluronic acid and elastin which results in firm and toned skin and even smoothened wrinkles.

If you have diligently stuck to your diet and fitness programme and you still cannot boast of the results you have gained, perhaps it’s time to try Lipomassage. Lipomassage uses a patented slimming technique that stimulates the release of fat which in turn eliminates stubborn fat from problem areas. As an added benefit, the treatment also stimulates the release of collagen and elastin which contribute to firmer and smoother skin.

Wellbox synthesises two of LPG’s most popular and effective treatments into one beauty care device that can be used at home. With the Wellbox, you can enjoy the same benefits of the two treatments which use the CelluM6 technology, right in the comfort of your own home.

LPG has also released a line of skincare products that promise fast and effective release through the use of both the CELLUM6 technology and LPG SOINS technique. Target cellulite, reduce volume loss and get firmer skin with Lipo-Slim Gel, Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex, Draining Detox Serum, Firming Contour Liquid and the Glowing Revitalising Cream. Treat the signs of ageing on your face with the Tensing Firming Cream, Replenish and Redensifying Cream, Global Sculpting Cream, Radiance Energising Serum, Total Eye Care and the Post-Treatment Collagen Mask.

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