LPG Huber Motion Lab – The Latest Phenomenon In The Health And Fitness Industry


There is no doubt about the human body being a highly intelligent machine. The “feedforward” phenomenon is just another attestation to the fact. Based on recent findings from long-time studies, the nervous system has an innate ability to anticipate movement. To put this discovery to our advantage, LPG Systems developed a unique technology that allows for rapid movements in aid of enhancing athletic ability, shaping the body, correcting posture, and boosting health.

The LPG Huber Motion Lab is now being used in many prestigious centres geared toward treatment of back and movement problems as well as in programmes for athletic training. The machine’s applications are used for improvement in physical health and ability, body sculpting, as well as posture correction. They also do wonders for refining movement precision and regaining balance. It’s no surprise that various experts from the health, beauty, and sports industries are raving about the technology.

When it comes to matters related to athletics, the Huber Motion Lab has preset protocols for more than 12 sports and provides for comprehensive training for various aspects of an athletic program, such as the physical, the mental, and the technical. It addresses muscle reinforcement, flexibility, core training, cardio, biomechanics, and concentration. It helps prepare athletes for specific activities, tune their performance, as well as treat muscle and ligament injuries.

In the treatment of back and movement disorder, the machine’s engaging interface offers a combination of vestibular, articular, and muscular exercises designed to help with issues in orthopaedics, rheumatology, trauma, neurology, urogynecology, cardiology, and geriatrics.

In terms of fitness, the Huber Motion Lab allows the body to enter the zone of maximum fat burning in less than three minutes. Amazing results include a slender figure with a flat stomach, firm and toned arms, a defined waistline, sculpted legs, shapely thighs and buttocks, as well as a healthy and attractive carriage.

The machine boasts a touch screen with more than 400 integrated exercises, intelligent programs that intuitively monitor progress and provide precise feedback, 3D visualisation of instructed positions, force sensors that encode mobility and strength variables, new scanning options, PC software for personalised use, protocols for pre-registering 12 or more sports disciplines, etc. It also comes with extensions for the removable handles and automatic height adjustment in the moving column.

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