The 7 Things To Know About The Anti-Aging Power Of Endermolift

Audrey Hepburn once said that the beauty of a woman only grows with each passing year. That may be well and good for some people; however, for most people, there still exists that desire to maintain the signs of youth: the supple skin, the radiance, the firmness, and other such sought-after aesthetic features. This can only mean fighting the aging effects of “each passing year.”

So how do you achieve such results — without going under the knife, spending time wrapped in bandages, and feeling completely sore? Find a forward-thinking beauty and wellness center that offers Endermolift, a revolutionary new approach to fighting the signs of aging. Here are 7 things you should know about this anti-ageing technique.

1. It is recognized as the only technique in the world that can stimulate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, increasing it by 80 percent. Hyaluronic acid has volumizing and moisturizing effects, and so cosmetic professionals include injections of this substance among their anti-aging treatments.

But Endermolift’s technique is the only non-invasive approach to stimulating hyaluronic acid production. Through sequential suction, it can work at different depths of the skin. Through different LIFT pulse spreads, it can target cellular stimulation.

2. It’s proven to deliver twice the firmness, thrice the puffiness, and four times the wrinkle reduction and radiance every man and woman looks for in their anti-aging treatments.

3. A study performed by a team of experts at the University Hospital of Besançon in France has concluded that the non-invasive technique can also increase the skin’s elastin synthesis by 46 percent. This means that your skin will be more supple and have better protection against expression lines.

4. Aside from getting better skin density and radiant complexion, this revolutionary anti-aging technique also leads to higher cheekbones, plumper lips, redefined facial contours — and a face that just looks well rested.

5. This technique is anything but painful. If your session hurts, then your technician isn’t properly trained to perform the treatment or the settings are not adapted to your specific skin. Your experience with this anti-aging treatment should be relaxing; some even describe the session as an intense facial.

6. Recent studies indicate that results from this non-invasive anti-aging treatment lasts for a month. Visible results are enjoyed after your very first session, but it may take 12 sessions to fully achieve that rejuvenated, youthful look. The frequency and number of sessions will, naturally, depend on your cosmetic professional and your needs.

7. Lastly, the best part about this technique is that treatments can be tailored to your needs. You could have several treatment choices. There are 15-minute sessions that leave you looking radiant for that special event. There are 10-minute sessions that work on particular areas: nose, eyes, décolleté, and so on.